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Thin Film Formation Equipment (E-Beam and Plasma Sources, etc.)

Deposition device, deposition components, and thermal spray components.
Our products are characterized by their ability to deposit high quality films with low damage.


Electron Beam Source/Bombardment Deposition Source (Vacuum Deposition)

BS/JEBG/EBG series Electron Beam Source

BS/JEBG/EBG seriesElectron Beam Source

BS-60610BDS Bombardment Deposition Source

BS-60610BDSBombardment Deposition Source

BS-60250DEM Electron Beam Source

BS-60250DEMElectron Beam Source

BS-60211DEM/BS-60210DEMElectron Beam Source

JST-F series Electron Beam Power Supply

JST-F seriesElectron Beam Power Supply

JEBG series High-power electron beam sources

JEBG series High-power electron beam sources

Plasma Source (Film Deposition Assist/Modification)

BS-80020CPPS Plasma Source for Low-temperature Process

BS-80020CPPSPlasma Sourcefor Low-temperature Process

BS-80011BPG High-power Plasma Source for high-density plasma

BS-80011BPGHigh-power Plasma Sourcefor high-density plasma

Crystal Oscillator Film-Thickness Controller (Measurement of Deposition Rate)

BS-04series Rotary Sensor

BS-04seriesRotary Sensor

Fine Powder Feeder (Film Formation such as Thermal Spray)

TP-99260FDR Powder Feeder

TP-99140FDR Fine Powder Feeder

TP-99140FDR Fine Powder Feeder


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