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JEM-ACE200F High Throughput Analytical Electron Microscope

JEM-ACE200F High Throughput Analytical Electron Microscope

The JEM-ACE200F is an electron microscope responding to the system allowing for an operator to obtain data without operating the electron microscope by creating recipes for operation workflow.
Since the JEM-ACE200F inherits hardware technologies of the JEM-ARM200F high-end TEM and the JEM-F200 multi-purpose FE-TEM, this new high throughput analytical electron microscope provides superbly high stability and analytical capabilities with a renewed sophisticated exterior design.


Basic Unit platform

  • Cold-FEG is standard.

  • Installation of Cs corrector is possible.

  • High speed and high sensitivity stage. Three times faster than the existing motor drive and fine movement control similar to the piezo drive control is available.

Easy Operation

  • Intuitive operation is available even for inexperienced operator of TEM
    • Minimizes the operations that are using the operation panel and the final image can be obtained while clicking the buttons on the screen in order.
    • Focus adjustment can be performed by mouse operation.
    • Integration with Gatan camera is possible.
  • Automatic microscope tuning functions
    • Autofocus, automatic astigmatism, automatic specimen height adjustment, automatic beam centering, and automatic orientation, etc.

Automatic data acquisition function

  • The recipe software "Automation Center" enable automatic data acquisition
    • TEM image, STEM image, elemental mapping by EDS.
    • Several specimens on a grid can be handled.

Linkage with critical dimension measurement software

  • Magnification calibration is available for each magnification set on the TEM side.
    • Automatic critical dimension measurement is available for data acquired by more than one JEM-ACE200F.

Remote operation

  • Next room operation
  • Remote operation and simultaneous observation at more than one location (subject to network environment)
    • Enables observation while discussing with multiple business locations.

Improvement of environmental resistance by column enclosure

  • Contributes to controlling the impact from changes of noise, air flow, and room temperature.

  • Further soundproofing measures are possible by attaching acoustic material to the interior walls.


From Analysis instruments to Analysis tool

- Automated STEM/TEM analysis will help improve processes and stably help improve quality control -


TEM resolution(at 200kV) Particle image   ≤0.21nm
Lattice image    0.1nm
Information limit  ≤0.11nm
STEM resolution (at 200kV) DF STEM image ≤0.136nm  ASCOR configuration (option) ≤0.1nm
BF STEM image ≤0.136nm  ASCOR configuration (option) ≤0.1nm
Electron gun Cold field emission gun (CFEG)
Accelerating voltage 60kV to 200kV
(80 kV, 200 kV; standard, Other voltages: option)
Specimen movements X,Y ±1.0mm  Z ±0.2mm
Specimen tilt angle TX/TY (dual-axis specimen tilting holder)   ±20°/±25°
TX (Dedicated specimen high tilting holder)    ±80°
Options JEOL 100mm2 SDD(Dual), EELS, Cs corrector, Automation Center, Tomography


Application JEM-ACE200F

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