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NMR Challenge

Moving into the future with an evolution of reliability

NMR Challenge

Quantitative analysis is essential to our daily lives, supporting activities like health checks, content labeling for foods and pharmaceutical products, and the monitoring of harmful substances. Quantitative NMR (qNMR) has recently been a focus of attention as an even more reliable method of performing quantitative analysis. To enhance the reliability of quantitative analysis and contribute to the safety and security of society, JEOL is involved in the development of equipment and software, and offers comprehensive support, in addition to contributing to the (international) standardization of qNMR methodologies.

What is qNMR ?

Quantitative NMR or qNMR is quantitative analysis using NMR.
The principle difference from other quantitative analytical methods is absolute quantitative analysis method which does not require the same standard substance as an analyte.

Quick Introduction to Quantitative NMR

No. Title
Issue 1 Welcome! Quick Introduction to Quantitative NMR
Issue 2 Chromatographic methods of quantification and NMR quantification
Issue 3 The reason quantitative analysis is possible with NMR
Issue 4 Using Quantitative NMR
Issue 5 Keyword for Reliability of Analysis Results: Traceability
Issue 6 Is Quantitative NMR Changing Quantitative Analysis (1) ?
Issue 7 Is Quantitative NMR Changing Quantitative Analysis (2) ?
Issue 8 Let’s try doing quantitative NMR
Issue 9 Let’s try doing quantitative NMR (2)
Issue 10 Let’s try doing quantitative NMR (3)


qNMR Summit 2018 in Tokyo will be held on Jan. 29 & 30, 2018

Committee for the Development of qNMR Technology in Japan / qNMR-J

Committee for the Development of qNMR Technology in Japan was established on October 31, 2018. The aim is to be the basis for activities of progress and dissemination. Currently, the focus is on activities by working groups promoting international standardization, but in the future, we aim to be a participatory meeting in which a wide and open exchange can be active. The purpose of establishment details can be confirmed here. We keep posting our activities such as the schedule on our website.


Relevant sites

BIPM (International Bureau of Metrology) is conducting research on analytical methods of standard substances using qNMR. ISRD of maleic acid has been released as information on reference standard for qNMR.
Evaluation of physical properties for use as a reference standard for qNMR is gathered and it is information necessary for selection of reference standard. This information is scheduled to be released on BIPM's HP, and it will be useful for selection of reference standard to implement qNMR.


  • qNMR Summit 2020

    Date/Period: March. 25 - 26, 2020
    Location: Santiago de Compostela, Spain
    Organaizer: Mike Bernstein (Mestrelab Research)

  • Past Events



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