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Delta NMR software for quantitative NMR analysis


You can analyze AQARI, PULCON and QUANTAS data in Delta V5 !

AQARI:Accurate quantitative NMR with internal reference substance(an internal standard method)
PULCON:Pulse length-based concentration measurement(an external standard method)
QUANTAS:Quantification using an artificial signal(an external standard  method with artificial signal)

1) Calculation of molar concentration is available in 1D Processor(AQARI and QUANTAS supported)

Transfer Integral Tool was optimized for qNMR!
First, load integral ranges from 1D Processor. Next, set the number of protons and standard concentration. N is the standard signal and R is the reset button of slope and offset for integral parameter.

2) The calculation of molar concentration and purity is available in Quantitative Analysis Tool
    (PULCON,AQARI and QUANTAS supported)

PULCON(external standard)
Load data of the standard and analyte into Quantitative Analysis Tool. Input the information required to each setup window tab.


AQARI/QUANTAS(internal standard)
In AQARI or QUANTAS case,load data of the sample into Quantitative Analysis Tool

You can also quantify components of mixtures

3) The generation of the artificial signal for QUANTAS is made possible in 1D processor

①Add the ‘Create peak’ command to the processing list. ②The artificial signal is used instead of reference substance.



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