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"YOKOGUSHI" - JEOL's strategic collaborating business approach.

Yokogushi is a Japanese word that describes JEOL's philosophy of providing customers with complementary technologies to advance their research
and development programs. JEOL develops and manufactures integrated scientific instrumentation with multi-faceted analytical processes in mind.
Our solutions for open innovation include collaborating with our industry and academic partners that are reinforced by JEOL service expertise,
administrative stability, and continued product evolution.


YOKOGUSHI Application

Foodnote |
Food Analysis Solutions

LIBnote |
Lithium Ion Battery Note

Bionote |
Bio Solutions

Batterynote |
Battery Note

UrushiNote |
Natural Lacquer Analysis

CLEMnote |
Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy note

CryoNote |
Cryo Note

Cleanliness Inspection of Automotive |
- Lithium-ion Batteries Manufacture -

Open Innovation

Expectations for science and technology to solve complex and complicated social issues such as environmental problems, resource depletion, and new infectious diseases are increasing. On the other hand, the deadlines for resolution of these social issues have been and are being set, such as "Declaration of Carbon Neutrality by 2050", requiring us to achieve them in a speedy manner.
To resolve these social issues with speed, open innovation is indispensable that brings together wisdoms beyond the barriers of fields and organizations. JEOL Group is promoting open innovation for this purpose.
JEOL Group has the strength of its technologies and global network cultivated in the advanced measurement and analysis technologies such as electron microscopes nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers, and mass spectrometers. With this as our core, we will form an open platform with universities and companies, and aim to create innovation through co-creation with the platform users.

Open Innovation

Oversesas open innovations



Yale University

The McCrone Group



University of Oxford



Open innovations in Japan

The University of TOKYO

TOYO University

RIKEN -JEOL Collaboration Center

Osaka University-JEOL YOKOGUSHI Research Alliance Laboratories

JEOL-Nikon CLEM Solution Center