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Battery cells are essential in modern life as they are extensively used in mobile phones, personal computers, and even as the power source of some automobiles in recent years. In addition, the research and development of rechargeable batteries has become increasingly important in the endeavor to realize a low-carbon society.The demand for fuel cells as hydrogen-based generators is also expected to grow, as fuel cells have already been widely applied to household equipment and automobiles.
JEOL believes that analyses and evaluations by using various high-performance evaluation instruments are required to improve both the performance and quality of these battery cells.
JEOL offers a wide variety of analytical instruments available for morphological observations, surface analyses, structure analyses, and chemical analyses at micro- to nano-scales for the purposes of research, development, and quality improvement.
This BatteryNote has been created to provide solutions and reference information for research and development activities focused on lithium ion batteries (LIBs).

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