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MS Software

JEOL Ltd. offers a variety of mass spectrometry software for different analytical applications. Using software that is suitable for your objectives can improve the efficiency of your analysis and the results of your analysis. This page introduces the features and application examples of JEOL's software.

msFineAnalysis AI Unknown Compounds Structure Analysis Software


msFineAnalysis AI offers a new structure analysis tool for unknowns that is specifically designed for the JEOL JMST2000GC "AccuTOF™ GC-Alpha." This next generation software adds this structure analysis capability to improve the overall automatic qualitative analysis functionality that was already available with our previous generation msFineAnalysis.
The new "integrated analysis" combines GC/EI high resolution data, GC/soft ionization high resolution data, and "structure analysis" using two AIs (Main AI, Support AI). These advanced AI technologies allow msFineAnalysis AI to provide a unique automatic structure analysis capability that was not previously available for GC-MS qualitative analysis.

Applicable models



msFineAnalysis iQ integrated qualitative analysis software


The msFineAnalysis iQ is an automatic qualitative analysis software that enables "integrated analysis" by combining the library database (DB) search using EI data and molecular weight confirmation using soft ionization data.
msFineAnalysis iQ improves analysis accuracy, shortens work hours, and improves work efficiency.

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msRepeatFinder Polymer Analysis Software


msRepeatFinder is software that can visualize complicated mass spectra of polymers measured by a high-resolution mass spectrometer using the Kendrick mass defect method.
This software allows for grouping (color coding), molecular weight distribution calculation, and elemental composition determination of monomers and end groups for the observed polymer series.
It is also possible to visualize the characteristic polymer series by differential analysis of two samples.

Applicable models

JMS-S3000, JMS-T2000GC, JMS-T200GC, JMS-T100LP



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