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Corporate Symbol

New Corporate Symbol


On this occasion of launching a new JEOL Corporate Symbol

Since its birth as a company of development and manufacturing of electron microscopes in 1949 just after the war ended, JEOL did come through many difficulties, and the efforts of individuals shown in such times of hardships strengthened the qualities of business and led to the current status gaining
us the reputation as one of the global top-notch companies which provides scientific, analytical, medical and semiconductor equipment.

Commemorating our 65th anniversary in June, we are pleased to announce a new symbol mark representing our determination to enhance the JEOL
brand. This symbol mark implies our strong will of dynamically sending the message of “Creation and Development” to the world, the philosophy which has been inherited from our very establishment.

Our wish is that this brand new corporate symbol will be well accepted in and out of the company as a sign of new-born JEOL and will lead to a further
development of the JEOL brand.

KURIHARA Gon-emon,

New Corporate Symbol Development Concept

  • JEOL Corporate Strategy "YOKOGUSHI" as Symbolic Action

  • Provide Impetus for JEOL in the Next Generation

  • Disseminate Individualization and Promotion in Every JEOL Situation

Design Intention

Motif / "J" is the Motif for JEOL to Extend Across The World
Image / Two Dynamic J Strokes = The Philosophy "Creativity" and "Research and Development"
Circle / A Circle in the Middle Symbolizes The Globe
Color / Deep Blue and Emerald Green = Challenges to The Blessing of Nature and Ecology

"Symbolizing Those Meanings Integrate and Develop Dynamically"