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In June 2005, The Business-Academia Cooperation Office was co-founded by the School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo and Nihon Denshi (JEOL). Its aim is to promote and provide education, both in Japan and abroad, on the advanced technology related to micro scale metrology, particularly the electron microscope.

Cooperation between business and academia is vital for promoting the awareness and use of advanced micro-measurement technology today In this collaboration, The University of Tokyo provides its own instruments, including the ultra high voltage electron microscope, and a part of its premises, while Nihon Denshi (JEOL) provides expertise and technical assistance.
The School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo has a long history of accumulating research results and know-how in education and research based on state-of-the-art microscopes and technologies. On the other hand, Nihon Denshi (JEOL) boasts the most advanced applied electron microscope technologies and professional support. By combining these specialties, we are aiming to create a new type of Business-Academia Cooperation Office, with a focus on inter-disciplinary research and education, particularly in nano technology, collaboration between industry and academia, the promotion of scientific technology, and the stimulation of activities which contribute to society locally and globally.

On the occasion of the commencement of the 3rd term (until March 2014) on April 2011, we reaffirm our determination to seek new function and performance, and to strive for the further advancement and development of our mission.


The activities of The Business-Academia Cooperation Office are as follows.

  • Joint provision of facilities and technologies
    Providing state-of-the-art facilities and technologies related to electron microscopes.

  • Hosting seminars and lectures
    Hosting seminars and lectures regarding the most advanced electron microscopes and their technologies. (Not only in Japan, but also overseas, particularly in Asia)

  • Joint research

  • Support of sample analysis and collaborative research


  • JEM-ARM1250
  • JEM-4010
  • JEM-2010F+EDS
  • EM-09100(IS)
  • JSM-7001F+CL+EDS
  • JSM-6510LA+EDS
  • JCM-5000
  • SM-09020(CPII)