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About University of Oxford

JEOL has been supplying electron microscopes and other instruments to the University of Oxford (ranked no. 3 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2012-13) for nearly 50 years. JEOL instruments can be found in departments across the University, in the division of Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences and the division of Medical Sciences.

The Department of Materials, in particular, has long been a focus for work on the theory and practise of electron microscopy. In 1966, Prof. Sir Peter Hirsch, who co-authored along with Professors Howie, Whelan, Pashley and Nicholson, the seminal text Electron microscopy of thin crystals, moved to the Department where he remains as an active Emeritus Professor following his retirement in 1992. His tenure as head of Department, saw the Department of Materials develop into its current status as a world-renowned centre for electron microscopy. Today, the Department houses a large number of electron microscopes, probably representing the largest concentration of electron microscopes in the UK. The majority of these are JEOL instruments.

With the growth of the Department’s interest in electron microscopy, formal ties with JEOL became closer and developed into extensive research collaborations, in which the Department worked with JEOL on the design and development of new electron microscope technology and instrumentation. This collaboration was led following Sir Peter’s retirement by successively, Dr John Hutchison, Professor David Cockayne and now by Professor Angus Kirkland.


Some of JEOL’s most advanced EM instruments have been housed within the Department of Materials, including the current JEM-2200FS MCO, a double Cs corrected TEM with in-column energy filter and unique monochromated electron source.

JEOL and the Department of Materials continue to collaborate on a number of scientific projects, including a new Centre for Electron Microscopy at the Diamond Synchrotron. JEOL and Oxford look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship for many years to come.


  • JEM-2200FS MCO, a double Cs corrected TEM with in-column energy filter and unique monochromated electron source