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Osaka University-JEOL YOKOGUSHI Research Alliance Laboratories

Osaka University

Overview / Objectives

This collaborative research institute was jointly established by Osaka University and JEOL Ltd. in April 2018, by integrating the endowed research division of "Multi-scale structural biology (JEOL) " in Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University established in June 2016 and "Mass Spectrometry Open Innovation Joint Research Seminar" of Graduate School of Science, Osaka University established in April 2017. The purpose of this institute is becoming a center of innovation for pioneering next generation life science research by realizing innovative high performance of cryo electron microscope, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, and mass spectrometer, and achieving easy, advanced, speedy measurement and analysis methods.

In recent years, there has been a sense of stagnation in development of scientific instruments and related technologies in Japan and it is becoming difficult to develop original instruments that can support the world’s most advanced science and instruments that are competitive in the world in Japan. Biomolecular structural analysis and analysis technology are the fundamental technologies for medical and life science fields and the core of innovations such as drug discovery research. We believe that the creation of innovation in this field is an urgent and important issue for Japan. This collaborative research institute aims to enable the development of globally competitive scientific measuring instruments and the related research and development by uniting the superiority of Osaka University in fundamental research with the technological development capability of JEOL Ltd. In addition, we are considering becoming the core of open innovation, promoting collaboration with related companies that have elemental technologies and fusion with other analytical technologies. We will also train researchers who will lead the development of future technologies. Inheriting the fundamental technologies that are no longer viable as research at universities is another mission of us.

Transition of Osaka University-JEOL YOKOGUSHI Research Alliance Laboratories

Figure.Transition of Osaka University-JEOL YOKOGUSHI Research Alliance Laboratories

Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Figure. Organization Chart of Osaka University-JEOL YOKOGUSHI Research Alliance Laboratories



Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

  • JEM-1011 ※Discontinued

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer (NMR)

  • 700MHz Cryo Magic Angle Spinning DNP-NMR

  • 700MHz Cryo Magic Angle Spinning DNP-NMR Probe

Mass Spectrometers (MS)

  • JMS-HX110/HX110 ※Discontinued

  • JMS-Q1000GC ※Discontinued

  • Gas Analysis: JMS-MT3010HRGA INFITOF Multi-Turn Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer

  • MALDI: JMS-S3000 SpiralTOF™-plus Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer


Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences

  • Train
    FBS is a 30-minute walk east from Kita-Senri Station (Hankyu Senri Line)

  • Monorail
    FBS is a 10-minute walk west from Handai-byōin-mae Station (Osaka Monorail)

  • Bus
    By Hankyu Bus
    Get on the bus bound for Handai Honbu Mae or Ibaraki Mihogaoka from Senri-Chūō Station (Kita-Osaka Kyuko Railway/Osaka Monorail)
    Get off at Handai-Igakubu Mae. FBS is a 2-minute walk from the bus stop.

Institute for Protein Research

  • Train
    It is a 15-minute walk east from Kita-Senri station(terminal) (Hankyu Senri Line)

  • Monorail
    It is a 25-minute walk west from Handai Byouin Mae Station (Osaka Monorail, Saito Line)

  • Bus
    Hankyu Bus 1: It is a 5-minute walk from Handaiguchi by Hankyu Bus leaving Senri-Chuo bound for Onohara-higachi or Fuji-Kasai.
    Hankyu Bus 2: Get on the bus bound for Handai Honbu Mae or Ibaraki Mihogaoka from Senri-Chūō Station (via Hankyu Yamada)
    Kintetsu Bus: Get on the bus bound for Handai Honbu Mae from Hankyu Ibaraki-shi Station(via JR Ibaraki)
    It is within 15-minute walk from Handai Honbu Mae.

Graduate School of Science

  • Train
    20′ east on foot from Ishibashi handai-mae, Hankyu Takarazuka Line.

  • Monorail
    5′ west on foot from Shibahara-handai-mae.