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University of Illinois Chicago

About UIC

In 2012, the center installed the JEM-ARM200F aberration-corrected atomic-resolution transmission electron microscope. Researchers using the electron microscope facility have access to a variety of analytical techniques, including Z-contrast imaging and electron energy-loss spectroscopy for advanced materials investigation. Both composite materials and biological experiments can be observed in situ during dynamic thermal studies using heated sample stages.

Principle Investigator Dr. Robert Klie's focus is on defects and interfaces in superconducting oxides or borides, semiconducting oxide hetero-structures, and heterogeneous catalyst systems. Additional university researchers study nanotubes and hollow nanofibers, semiconductor nanoparticles embedded in organic films, geochemical processes at the interface of minerals and water, nucleation and growth of mineral nanoparticles, and elements used as catalysts.


The University of Illinois at Chicago is an epicenter for atomic resolution research with the installation of the aberration-corrected S/TEM, the ARM200F with cold field emission gun. The ability to see atomic structures at this resolution will enhance energy-related research at the University. The ARM200F is installed in an environmentally-controlled room with a hydro radiant panel system.


  • JEM-ARM200CF TEM/STEM with cold field emission gun, CEOS probe aberration corrector, Gatan digital cameras, Oxford Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (XEDS) and Gatan Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS)

  • JEM-3010 with Gatan digital cameras and Thermo-Noran XEDS

  • JSM-6320F high resolution Field Emission SEM with Thermo-Noran XEDS

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