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Cleanliness Inspection of Automotive
- Lithium-ion Batteries Manufacture -

Particle Contamination Inspection system for VDA19.2

Is the cleanliness of the assembly areas under control?

Critical particulate contamination existing in assembly areas can cause product defects. For example, metallic particle contaminants mixing at the assembly areas of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) may induce short circuits in the final products causing them to fail or as a worse case, ignite. Inspection for particulate contamination is recommended to comply with the standard called VDA 19.2 for Technical Cleanliness in assembly. Complying with this standard can improve product safety, yield and the reduction of recalled products.

The standard for the cleanliness in assembly: VDA19.2

ISO16232 is the international standard for the cleanliness control of automotive components.
ISO16232 is based on VDA 19 part 1 (VDA 19.1), which is the cleanliness inspection method advocated by the association of the German automotive industry (VDA). VDA 19.1 describes the requirements for determining particulate contamination on functionally relevant automotive components. For system components which cannot be cleaned after assembly, cleanliness inspection using VDA 19 part 2 (VDA19.2) is recommended. This guideline for Technical Cleanliness in assembly is designed to help protect against the entry of critical contamination via the environment during production. In automotive LIB assembly areas, the inspection of the manufacturing environment to comply with VDA19.2 should be applied.

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