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JST-F series Electron Beam Power Supply

JST-F series Electron Beam Power Supply

High-voltage power supplies for use with deflection-type electron beam sources


The JST-F series offers excellent stability and has been the choice of many users.

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Model JST3F JST-10F JST-16F
Output Maximum output 6.4kW 10kW 16kW
Accelerating voltage -4kV to -8kV -4kV to -10kV
Emission current 0 to 0.8A 0 to 1A 0 to 1.6A
Filament current Maximum 40A
Accelerating voltage ripple rate 5% or less (maximum output)
Deflection coil output 0 to 2A
Sweeping coil output Maximum frequency 500 Hz(※), Maximum output 8 Ap-p, ± 2 A DC
Interlock External: 3 points, Internal 5 points
External signal INPUT : 16 types, OUTPUT: 9 types
Power supply input (50/60 Hz) 3 phase 200 V ± 10%, 10 kVA 3 phase 200 V ± 10%, 15 kVA 3 phase 200 V ± 10%, 25 kVA
External dimensions Power supply main unit 570mm(W)×760mm(D)×1,545mm(H)
Operation panel 481mm(W)×300mm(D)×150mm(H)
Mass Approximately 360kg Approximately 390kg Approximately 450kg
Grounding Ground resistance 10 Ω or less
  • The frequency used will vary according to the electron beam source


ST-AS10F/ST-AS10G Arc Suppressor

Suppresses arcing during electron beam evaporation. Suppresses noise during arcing, and prevents interruption of the vapor deposition.ST-AS10F has a 2 stage arcing suppression circuit, and ST-AS10G has a 1 stage arcing suppression circuit.

Model ST-AS10F ST-AS10G
Applicable accelerating voltage/ current -4kV 〜 -10kV 1.6A 以下
Operating pressure 6 × 10-2 Pa 以下
Interruption time of the electron beam 0.5ms or less* 0.1ms or less
Accelerating voltage overshoot during recovery 20%/3 ms or less
Increased current of the rectifier wave during arcing 1 A, 100 μS or less
  • Interrupt time during operation up to the 2nd stage

ST-203 Simultaneous Multi Electron Beam Source Unit

This is used when 2 electron beam sources will be used simultaneously with 1 power supply. There will be 2 operation panels, each one is assigned for dedicated operation of one of the 2 electron beam sources.
It is possible to use different types of electron beam sources,but there may be limitations on the accelerating voltage range, etc. depending on the combination.

ST-EXTSIG External Signal Control

Incorporated in to the operation panel. In addition to the standard 9 types of external control signals, enables the external output of various other signals, such as the emission current confirmation signal

Cable configuration

Type Name Model Length
E1/E2/ grounding BS-64410L06W128 6m
ST-10MW128 10m
ST-15MW128 15m
Coil/HV (2 coiles) BS-64420L06W34 6.5m / 5.5m
ST-10MW34 10m
ST15MW34 15m
W5 Emission return BS-64430L06W5 5.5m
ST-10MW5 10m
ST-15MW5 15m
Interlock/EB source ON BS-64440L06W67 6m
ST-10MW67 10m
BS-64540L15W67 15m
W9 Remote BS-64450L06W9 6m
ST-10MW9 10m
ST-15MW9 15m

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