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Electron beam sources / power supplies for electron beam deposition used for creating various types of films, including optical films and electrode coatings.


Features of the electron beam deposition method

  • The thermal efficiency is quite good due to the heating from direct irradiation of the electron beam onto the deposition material. It is possible to vaporize a variety of materials, including high-melting point metals, oxides, compounds and sublimation materials.

  • Since the deposition material is directly heated in the water-cooled crucible(*), there is no reaction of the boat or crucible as with resistance heating or inductive heating methods.

  • A hearth liner is used in some cases

  • Since high-speed output control is available, it is possible to precisely control the film thickness.

  • In comparison to sputtering and CVD methods, the speed of the film creation is a main feature. This is also useful for creating thick coatings of 1µm or more.

Features of JEOL electron beam sources

[ Oxides ]

Features a beam incidence angle perpendicular to the deposition material, and a high energy-density beam spot that is nearly a perfect circle.  Since the high-speed sweeping function is standard, it is suitable for deposition onto sublimation materials and oxides with low thermal conductivity and high melting point. Can obtain excellent melted remains, enabling uniform, reproducible film thickness distributions over a wide area.

[ Metals ]

Selection from a wide range of crucibles is available, enabling multi-type, large-volume, and high-rate deposition. There is also an electron gun compatible with the lift-off process to limit the temperature increase during film creation.

[ Alloy/ Multi-layer coatings ]

Alloy and multi-layer coatings can be created by placing different materials into adjacent 2 or 3-pockets crucibles and performing simultaneous 2 or 3-source deposition using the special sweep controllers.

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Model Max. output Deflection
Filament Beam sweep Crucible Oxides Metals
BS-60070DEBS 6.4kW 270° U-shaped
BS-60060DEBS 6.4kW 270° none※2
BS-60050EBS 10kW 270° none※2
BS-60040VDGN 10kW 270° none※2
BS-60030DGN 10kW 270° none※2
EBG-102UB6S 10kW 180° Spiral 12cc×6 spot
EBG-102UB4S 10kW 180° 12cc×4 spot
JEBG-102UH0 10kW 180° none※2
10kW 270° Straight coil
40cc×4 spot
10kW 270° 40cc×6 spot
EBG-203UB6S 20kW※1 270° Spiral High-speed
12cc×6 spot※3
EBG-203UB4H 20kW※1 270° 12cc×2 spot 28cc
(half-sphere)×2 spot
JEBG-203UA0 20kW※1 270° none※4
JEBG-303UA 30kW※1 270° none※5
  • Since the maximum output of the EB power supply is 16 kW, the actual maximum output that can be used is 16 kW.

  • Available as special order ⇒12cc×4 or 6 spots, etc.

  • Crucible well shape variation available ⇒ 28cc(φ45×20h)×6 spot, 51cc(φ60×20h)×3 spot, etc.

  • Available as special order ⇒40cc(φ50×25h)×4 or 6 spot, 114cc(φ75×30h)×1 spot , etc.

  • Available as special order ⇒114cc(φ75×30h)×1 spot, φ34×20h×3 holes in 1 pocket (for simultaneous deposition), φ70×30h×4 spot, etc.


Please inquire about crucible specifications

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