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Bombardment Deposition Source

BS-60610BDS Bombardment Deposition Source

Less damage of Backscattered electrons and X-ray/Splash reduction/Large capacity liner/High-rate deposition


BS-60610BDS is a unique deposition source that indirectly heats an evaporation material in a liner with electron beam.
The liner capacity and deposition rate have increased compared to the conventional model of BS-60310BDS.

  • No damage to the substrate due to backscattered electron and X-rays.

  • Suitable for low-defect film deposition with little splash.

  • Excellent deposition rate control and stability is realized by high-speed electron beam heating control.

  • Thick film deposition by Increasing liner capacity.

  • Higher deposition rates are possible by increasing the maximum output and the evaporation area compared to BS-60310BDS.

Standard specifications(Photo liner is optional)

Principle of evaporation

Liner capacity/Comparison of maximum deposition film thickness*

  • In the case of the distance of source to substrate is 1100 mm

Evaporation material BS-60310BDS BS-60610BDS Ratio
Liner capacity Fluoride 7.5cc 12.8cc 1.7 times
Liner capacity Aluminum 1.5cc 9cc 6 times
Max film thickness MgF2 200nm 400nm 2 times
Max film thickness LaF3 90nm 400nm 4.5 times
Max film thickness AI 250nm 2,500nm 10 times

Residue after evaporation

Melting marks MgF2

Melting marks AI

Comparison of presence of particles in the deposited MgF2 film

White sheet glass of 76mm square,
T-S distance : 1.1m, Film thickness: 150nm

UV band spectral characteristics of MgF2 single layer

Aluminum deposition rate at each e-beam power

Example of electron beam sweep pattern

Advanced Circle Scan by BS-720xxICE series EB Power Supply


Standard specifications

Power Maximum 4.8kW ※1
Cooling water 4 to 5L / min, 10 to 25°C
Working pressure 5×10-5 to 1×10-2Pa
External dimensions 345mm(W)×355.5mm(D)×181.5mm(H)
Mass 22kg
EB Power Supply BS-720xxICE series with Advanced Circle Scan mode

Standard configuration

BS-60610BDS Bombardment Deposition Source 6-liner type ※2, ※3

Optional Accessories

BS-60600RF Roof ※4
BS-60620LN Liner(for fluoride, Au, Ag, Cu, etc.)
BS-60660LN Liner(for Al)
BS-60680SP Spacer ※5
BS-60690SK Cover ※5
  • The maximum output depends on the liner type.

  • Liners are not included in BS-60610BDS.
    Please use the optional liners as the liner effects the deposition performance.

  • The number of liners can be changed as a custom-built product.

  • Used to suppress the temperature rise of the substrate.

  • Need to select either the Cover(recommended) that improves heating efficiency or the Spacer.

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