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  1. 16kW output
    The maximum output is 16kW (1.6A at 10kV). Higher rate metal deposition is possible.

  2. Large capacity crucible
    Standard crucible pocket size is 50mm in diameter.
    70 to 80mm in diameter crucible can be used with the optional pole pieces BS-60830PP250.
    *Beam movable/sweeping range is 50mm in diameter.

  3. High-speed sweeping
    Beam sweeping performance has been improved compared to conventional e-beam source for metal deposition.
    Oxides such as sublimation materials can be deposited by high-speed sweeping at 500Hz or more.

  4. Easy maintenance
    The top is flat structure (less vapor deposition) and the top cover is easily removable.
    Filament can be replaced without removing the copper wire of the high-voltage line.

  5. Backscattered electron trap
    An optional backscattered electron trap is attachable.
    It is highly efficient for decrease of substrate temperature rise, so it is suitable for the lift-off process.


Deposition rate examples of various metal materials

High-rate deposition is possible by high convergence electron beam

The example of aluminum deposition rate with large capacity cru cible

In combination with larger capacity crucible, it is possible to increase the deposition rate further.


Main Specifications

Maximum output 16kW(10kV, 1.6A)
Accelerating voltage 6 to 10kV
Electron beam deflection angle 270 degrees
Beam movement / Sweeping range 50mm in diameter
X axis sweeping frequency 135Hz(standard setting)
Y axis scanning frequency 570Hz(standard setting)
Operating pressure 7×10-2Pa or less
Cooling water 5 to 8L/min, 10 to 25°C
Filament linear coil type, 0.8mm in diameter
Mass: Approx. 14kg


  • BS-60830PP250 Pole Piece (Long type)

  • Backscattered Electron Trap

External dimensions

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