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BS-80020CPPS Plasma Source for Low-temperature Process

BS-80020CPPS Plasma Source for Low-temperature Process

This plasma source is specialized for low-temperature process, for example for a plastic substrate/film. Film quality of vacuum deposited film can be improved by plasma assisted deposition with lowering temperature increase of a substrate. And can also be used for plasma treatment such as cleaning and surface modification.


Can form high density oxide films in a low-temperature process. 
Reactive deposition by electron beam excited plasma, associated with ion-assistant effects.
Activated Reactive Evaporation (ARE) technique, promoting highly effective discharge above crucible, to enhance ionization of evaporation materials.
Selectable from CPPS mode, for low-temperature process, and normal plasma mode.
Retrofit to an existing vacuum chamber is possible. 


Maximum plasma output 3.2kW (160V, 20A)
Maximum assisted output 2kW (200V, 10A)
Operating pressure 8×10-3 to 8×10-2Pa (Ar, O2, N2 atmosphere)
Discharge gas (Ar) 8 to 20mL/min
Cooling water 5 to 8 L/min
Applicable control power supply BS-92040CPPC

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