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The JEM-1400Flash is used in a wide range of fields, such as biology, nanotechnology, polymer, and advanced materials. In the observation of biological specimens including macro-molecular materials, medicines, pathological sections and viruses, usually the entire view of tissues, structures, target locations and observation area are first confirmed at low magnification, and then fine structures of interest are carefully studied at high magnification. To smoothly proceed to this series of observation, recent demands for easier observation steps to acquire higher-throughput image data are increasing. To meet those needs, a new 120 kV electron microscope “JEM-1400Flash” is equipped with a high-sensitivity sCMOS camera, an ultra-wide area montage system, and an OM (optical microscope) image linkage function.


High-sensitivity sCMOS camera, "Matataki Flash" camera

"Matataki Flash", JEOL’s innovative high-sensitivity sCMOS camera, dramatically reduces the readout noise while possessing high frame rate. This powerful feature enables high-throughput acquisition of sharp TEM images with extremely low-noise.

New function: Ultra-wide area montage system, Limitless Panorama (LLP)

In addition to the conventional electromagnetic image shift, the JEM-1400Flash comes with a montage system capable of utilizing stage drive for the field shift. This new system allows for simple capture of a montage panorama image over a limitless wide area. Thus, an ultra-wide area, high pixel-resolution image is obtainable, which is comparable to the image taken by conventional photo film.
The combined use with "Matataki Flash" sCMOS camera enables automatic acquisition of "Limitless Panorama" pictures with no limitation of the number of pixels.

New function: OM image linkage function, Picture Overlay

A digital image acquired with an OM can be overlaid on a TEM image. Since an observation area can be searched on the overlaid image, high resolution observation of a fluorescence site is easily made on the TEM image.

New exterior design: "Pure white" and new user interface

JEOL products’ brand color of "pure white" is newly adopted, leading to a sophisticated exterior design of the JEM-1400Flash. New designs are also employed for (1) the control panel, with an LED lamp for easy-to-view operation, (2) a small work table enabling compact layout of the user controls, and (3) a new smart black Graphical User Interface.


Resolution 0.2 nm (HC) 0.14 nm(HR)
Accelerating voltage 10 to 120 kV
Magnification ×10 to ×1,200,000 (HC), ×10 to ×1,500,000 (HR)
Max. tilt angle ±70° *With the optional high tilt specimen holder
Number of specimens to load Up to 4  *With the optional specimen quartet holder
Vacuum system TMP

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Application JEM-1400Flash

Specimen Preparation Method

Observation of biological specimen by JEM-1400Flash ー Flow from sample preparation to observation ー

This application note describes the flow of sample preparation for biological specimens, using an example of a plant tissue to introduce data that is obtained by JEM-1400Flash.

SiN Window Chip and its applications

Wide Area Observation by Using SiN Window Chip

An ultra wide highly precise image is obtained by using SiN Window Chip and the automatic montage system "Limitless Panorama (LLP)" function.

Ultrawide transmission electron microscopy image of a mouse kidney

Ultrathin sections of a mouse kidney mounted on a SiN Window Chip were imaged using the Limitless Panorama (LLP) function, an automated montage system.

Identification of fine particles emitting fluorescence in toner

Using the "on chip CLEM" which enables overlaying images with high precision, we are able to easily identify fine particles that emitted fluorescence and perform detailed TEM observations.

Gold particles eaten by paramecium

Paramecium cultured in culture medium with gold nano particles was observed by using LM and TEM and the images were overlaid. Gold particles were observed only in the orange luminescent area.

Localization of TOM20 localization in HeLa cell

After making TOM20 antibody reacted, secondary antibodies labelled with gold nano particles were made reacted. TEM observation of the same field of view as the LM shows that the gold nanoparticles are localized on the mitochondria membrane.

Asbestos / High Resolution TEM Image

Analysis of Asbestos – Distinguishing fine fiber one by one –

Various asbestos can be identified through differences in their fibrous shapes, electron diffraction patterns and constituent elements, so TEM can distinguish asbestos only from one fiber.

High resolution TEM image by JEM-1400Flash

A high-resolution TEM image is taken with JEM-1400Flash, which can change the magnification smoothly from extremely low to maximum magnifications.

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