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Thermal damage can be reduced by cooling the specimen with liquid nitrogen during processing.
Designed to suppress the consumption of liquid nitrogen, allowing long cooling periods.
Rapid cooling of the specimen while immersed in liquid nitrogen. Return to room temperature. Designed to allow parts to be detached.
Incorporates a mechanism to allow the process from polishing to observation to be performed without exposing the sample to the air.


Features of IB-19520CCP

Cooling effect

Specimen: Galvanized iron steel

Normal milling (without cooling)
Accelerating voltage 4kV

Cooled milling (holder temperature -120°C)
Accelerating voltage 4kV

  • For the Normal milling (without cooling), there are visible voids at the boundary between the iron and zinc, which are not seen in the cooled.

Using the temperature control mechanism (option) for cooling

Specimen: Si wafer bonding surface

  • For the Normal milling (without cooling), the bonding agent is deformed by heat damage, and large voids appear. At -150℃, the cooling is excessive, and voids can be seen at the boundary of the bond and the dull side of Si wafer.

There are no voids in the sample prepared with cooling temperature control.

Intermittent process, Cooling and Cooling with temperature control functions handle a variety of work pieces

Process monitor function

The status of the cross-section milling can be monitored in real-time with the CCD camera.
And the magnification can be varied.

Anti-static coating function

An optional ion beam sputter function is available.
Create thin coatings with good granularity.
Ideal for cases requiring pattern recognition, like EBSD.

Planar ion milling holder

The ion beam is irradiated at a low angle relative to the sample, allowing contamination on the surface layer to be removed, as well as smoothing of the surface.
It is also ideal for selective etching.

Cross Section Preparation kit

This is a kit for performing ion beam milling while rotating the sample.
This kit is used with the Planar ion milling holder. 
Makes it possible to create cross-sections of samples prone to streaking when milled, such as porous materials, powders and fibers.


Ion accelerating voltage 2 to 8kV
Ion beam width 500 μm (full width at half maximum)
Milling speed 500 μm/h
(The average value over 2 hours, at accelerating voltage: 8 kV, specimen: Si, 100 μm from edge)
Specimen holder ultimate cooling temperature -120°C or less
Specimen cooling hold time 8 Hours or more
Coolant tank capacity Approximately 1 L
Maximum specimen size Dimensions: 11mm(W)×8mm(D)×3mm(H)
Stage movement range X-axis;±6mm, Y-axis; ±2.5mm
Specimen fixing method Clipping
Specimen milling swing angle ±30°(Patent US4557130)
Monitoring camera magnification Approximately ×20 to 100 (6.5-inch display)
Air-isolation system Transfer vessel
Air-isolation method Set the inside of the chamber to a gas environment, cover the transfer vessel with a cap, and encapsulate the specimen into the vessel.
Operation Touch panel, 6.5-inch display
Gas Argon gas (flow rate controlled by mass-flow controller)
Pressure gauge Penning vacuum gauge
Main evacuation pump Turbo molecular pump
Auxiliary evacuation pump Rotary pump
Dimensions and Masses Main unit: Approx. 670mm (W) × 720mm (D) × 530mm (H) , Approx. 73㎏
Rotary pump: Approx. 120mm(W) × 288.5mm(D) × 163mm(H), Approx. 9.3㎏
Option Large Specimen Rotation Holder (IB‐11550LSRH)
Mounting Base Specimen Holder(IB‐11560MBSH)
Large Specimen Holder(IB-11570LSH)
Carbon Coating Holder(IB-12510CCH)

Installation Requirements

Power supply Single phase 100 to 120V±10%, 50/60Hz, 0.6KVA
Grounding terminal 100Ω or less
Argon gas Pressure; 0.15±0.05MPa(1.0 to 2.0㎏f/cm2), Purity: 99.9999% or more, (Argon gas, cylinder, and the regulator must be prepared by customer) hose connector; JISB0203Rc1/4
Room temperature 15 to 25°C
Humidity 60% or less
  • Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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Application IB-19520CCP

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