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High Throughput Milling system

IB-10500HMS CROSS SECTION POLISHER™ High Throughput Milling system


High Throughput Milling *1

High milling rate of cross-section achieved by the new ion source:1.2mm/h or more*2
(2.4 times than the previous milling rate.)


The high throughput milling system optimizes the ion source electrodes and enables higher accelerating voltages, thus improving the ion-beam current density.
Our newly developed ion source achieves a high milling rate of cross-section of 1.2 mm/h or more (2.4 times than the previous milling rate.)

Cross-section milling rate of the new ion source

Specimen: Silicon wafer
Accelerating voltage: 10kV
Milling time: 1h

Cross-section milling of a low melting-point alloy (cooling)

Accelerating voltage: 10 kV
Milling time: 30 min

The right SEM image shows an Sn-Bi alloy with a melting point of 150°C.
A low melting-point metal can be melted due to the processing heat; therefore, cooling of the metal is required before milling. High throughput milling is applied to the heat-sensitive specimen while the specimen is kept cooled *3.
Then, a cross-section specimen with a reduced heat damage is obtained in a short time.

Large Area Milling *1,*4

Planar Surface Milling of Larger Area

The new high throughput milling system has enabled the irradiation of an ion beam onto a larger area of the specimen.
Planar surface milling is effective to remove scratches generated on the specimen surface or crystalline strains, which are caused by mechanical polishing.

Planar surface milling of a concrete

Accelerating voltage: 10 kV
Milling time: 20 min
Large-area planar surface milling was applied to a concrete with a width of 20mm.
After milling, polish scratches and contamination were removed, allowing for clear observation of particles of stone and cement contained in a concrete.

  • This function is included in IB-19530CP or IB-19520CCP which incorporates the optional high throughput specification.

  • Milling of 1h, Si equivalent, Edge distance: 100μm

  • This function is included in IB-19520CCP.

  • Large Specimen Rotation Holder, IB-11550LSRH, is required.

  • The screen images include items that are still under development, and are subject to change without notice.


High throughput specification ※1
IB-19530CP+IB-10500HMS IB-19520CCP+IB-10500HMS
Ion accelerating voltage 2 to 10kV
Milling speed 1200μm/h or more (accelerating voltage 10 kV)※2
Specimen swing function ※3 Auto specimen swing by ±30°,Angle setting swing
Auto milling start mode
Auto cooling milling start mode /
Auto return to room temperature mode
Specimen stage ultimate cooling temperature –120°C or less
Cooling temperature settable range -120 to 0°C
Specimen cooling time to reach –100°C Within 60min
Specimen cooling retention time 8h or more ※4
Air isolation function
Intermittent milling mode Ion beam irradiation time and stop time are settable (ON: 1 to 999s, OFF: 1 to 999s)
Fine milling mode Milling conditions automatically switched
Large-area cross-section milling mode ※5 Maximum milling width: 8mm (with optional Large Area Milling Holder IB-11730LMH)
Large-area planar surface milling mode ※6
specimen size
11mm(W)×10mm(L)×2mm(T) (with standard holder for IB-19530CP)
11mm(W)×8mm(L)×3mm(T) (with standard holder for IB-19520CCP)
25mm(W)×15mm(L)×10mm(T) (with optional Large Area Milling Holder IB-11730LMH)
Planar surface
40mm(diameter)×15mm(T) (with optional Large Specimen Rotation Holder IB-11550LSRH)
Specimen movements X-axis: ±6mm, Y-axis: ±2.5mm
Operation Touch panel, 6.5-inch display
Positioning for milling Monitor from above the specimen stage with a camera ※7.
Milling position is adjustable with an optical microscope.
Positioning camera (magnification) Approx. ×70 (on 6.5-inch display)
Monitoring camera (magnification) Approx. ×20 to 100 (on 6.5-inch display)
*Note: When used with IB-19530CP+IB-14510MCAM ※8 or IB-19520CCP.
External monitor output Positioning camera and Monitoring camera can be switched for displaying one on the external monitor.
*Note: When used with IB-19530CP + IB-14510MCAM ※9 or IB-19520CCP + EC-10020VST ※9.
Preset function 4 sets of milling conditions (accelerating voltage, Ar gas flow, milling time, intermittent milling)
Dimensions and weights Basic unit 545mm(W)×550mm(D)×420mm(H), Approx. 66kg (with IB-19530CP + IB-14510MCAM attached)
690mm(W)×720mm(D)×530mm(H), Approx. 75kg (with IB-19520CCP attached)
Rotary pump 120mm(W)×288.5mm(D)×163mm(H), Approx. 9.3kg

Installation Requirements

Power supply Single phase 100 to 120V AC, 50/60Hz, Allowable input voltage fluctuation: less than 10%, Rating: 15A or more
Maximum power consumption 650VA
Grounding 100 Ω or less
Argon gas ※10 Dry argon, Purity: 99.9999% or more. Pressure: 0.1 to 0.2MPa (1.0 to 2.0kgf/cm2), Hose joint: ISO 7/1 Rc 1/4
Room temperature 15 to 25°C
Room humidity 60% or less (no condensation)
  • This is optional, which is added at the time of shipment from factory.

  • Milling of 1 h, Si equivalent, Edge distance 100 μm

  • Patent No. (Japan): 4557130

  • As the set temperature is higher, the cooling retention time is longer.

  • This mode can be used in combination with the cooling function of IB-19520CCP.

  • When used with IB-11550LSRH.

  • Patent No. (Japan): 4208658

  • With IB-14510MCAM attached, the specimen can be monitored in real time.
    The status of the specimen can be observed while milling is in progress.
    The external monitor must be prepared by the customer.

  • With EC-10020VST attached, the camera image can be displayed on the external monitor.
    The external monitor must be prepared by the customer.

  • The argon gas, gas cylinders and regulator must be prepared by the customer.

  • The specifications and appearance of the instrument are subject to change without notice.

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