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Transmission Electron Microscopes(TEM) with 120kV accelerating voltage are widely used in soft material fields such as biology and polymer. We newly developed JEM-120i with the concept of "Compact", "Easy To Use", and "Expandable". With the new external appearance, this instrument has evolved into a useful tool that anyone can use easily, from operation to maintenance.

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With the drastic reduction in size, the JEM-120i has a filament replacing position and specimen holder insertion position lower than existing instruments. A newly developed cartridge type filament unit helps make filament replacement easy and safe for anyone.

The instrument has an LED light on its front and its color changes depending on the state of the TEM. You can determine its operating state at a distance.

W 840 mm、H 1,782 mm、D 1,734 mm
Easy To Use

Simple Operation

Specimen observation with simple operation

It takes only 4 steps from loading a specimen to completing observation. After inserting the specimen holder, clicking the Start Button automatically performs observation preparation operations such as voltage increase and emission start. A wide area image is captured at the same time. So, clicking the target field will move the stage to the clicked position. 

Since standard "Butler mode" assists data acquisition, even a beginner can capture data easily. When observation completes, you can exchange the sample holder while keeping the emission on.


1. Observation Preparation, 2. Searching for Field of View, 3. Image Capture, 4. Observation Completed

Specimen observation in 4 steps

Seamless observation without switching magnification mode

The JEM-120i is equipped with an enhanced TEM control system and fully automated apertures, eliminating the need for switching magnification modes and selecting an aperture. Observation operations can be performed more smoothly than with previous models.




The JEM -120i supports a variety of retrofits. It also meets the need for additional functions after purchase. 



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Resolution 0.2 nm (HC)※1, 0.14 nm (HR)※2
Accelerating voltage 20-120 kV
Magnification 50-1,200,000 (HC)※1, 50-1,500,000 (HR)※2
Standard camera NEOView Camera 4 M pixel, 30 fps
Optional camera SightSKY 19 M pixel, 58 fps
Cameras by other company can be mounted.
Main unit dimensions W 840 mm/ D 1,734 mm/ H 1,782 mm
  • 1 (HC) : High contrast configuration

  • 2 (HR) : High resolution configuration

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SiN Window Chip and its applications

Wide Area Observation by Using SiN Window Chip

An ultra wide highly precise image is obtained by using SiN Window Chip and the automatic montage system "Limitless Panorama (LLP)" function.

Ultrawide transmission electron microscopy image of a mouse kidney

Ultrathin sections of a mouse kidney mounted on a SiN Window Chip were imaged using the Limitless Panorama (LLP) function, an automated montage system.

Gold particles eaten by paramecium

Paramecium cultured in culture medium with gold nano particles was observed by using LM and TEM and the images were overlaid. Gold particles were observed only in the orange luminescent area.


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