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Company Philosophy

On the basis of "Creativity" and "Research and Development", JEOL positively challenges the world's highest technology,thus forever contributing to the progress in both Science and Human Society through its products.

The economic situation in Japan during this consolidated fiscal year remains uncertain. The situation in Russia and Ukraine became more chaotic. The number of new cases of new coronavirus infections once decreased but re-expanded due to the Omicron strain, and the timing of the convergence continues to be unseen.

Under these circumstances, the JEOL Group vigorously promoted the priority strategies in the mid-term management plan "Triangle Plan 2022"(FY2019-FY2021). We implemented the next steps toward further growth not only during this mid-term managemet plan but also beyond to secure orders and sales while enhancing corporate value and strengthening our management infrastructure.

The JEOL Group has formulated a new mid-term management plan, the "Evolving Growth Plan," covering fiscal years 2022 through 2024.
"Under the new mid-term management plan, ""Evolving Growth Plan,"" we will further advance the basic vision of the previous mid-term management plan, ""Triangle Plan 2022,"" namely, ""Evolving in the 70th Year"" to achieve business scale expansion and higher profitability. Specifically, we will further develop our ""YOKOGUSHI"" strategy and improve customer satisfaction by enhancing our R&D, manufacturing, and service capabilities, to bring about business scale expansion and higher profitability. In addition, we will continue to improve and strengthen the ""next steps"" necessary to achieve long-term sustainable growth, by looking ahead to the next phase of the new mid-term management plan."

The JEOL Group will continue its efforts to reform its business structure and build a stable profit structure. We will also work together to protect the environment, as well as to strengthen compliance, ensure corporate ethics, foster a good corporate culture, and reinforce our management infrastructure for sustainable growth.
We are determined to make further management efforts to enhance our corporate value and improve our profit structure. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

June 2022

Integrated Report

We published "Integrated Report" by integrating "Annual Report" and "Environment Activities Report". Individual "Annual Report" and "Environment Activities Report" which used to be published every year, are replaced with "Integrated Report".