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Mid-Term Management Plan for FY2022-FY2024 "Evolving Growth Plan"

JEOL Becoming a niche top company supporting science and technology in the world

Basic Concept

Accelerate business scale expansion and achieve higher profitability by further implementing the "Evolving in 70th Year," the basic vision of the previous mid-term management plan, "Triangle Plan 2022"

1. The concept of Growth Vision, "Evolving in the 70th Year," remains unchanged

Accelerate business expansion and achieve even higher profitability based on our unique technologies and human networks which have been developed since the company's founding

2. Strengthen and develop YOKOGUSHI strategy

Provide higher-added value to our customers by developing our YOKOGUSHI strategy further not only into product development, but also into business development and data utilization

3. Approaches for higher profitability

Company-wide efforts to build the barriers to entry, improve profitability, and strengthen business support

4. Achieve 3 Growths of value for customers, employees & human resources, and sales & profit

Achieve well-balanced growth to expand business scale

5. Commitment to the SDGs

Engage materiality (important social issues) from two perspectives: business activities and ESG activities

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We will achieve sales of 170 billion yen, operating profit of 24 billion yen in FY2024

Growth vision of "Evolving in the 70th Year" remains unchanged

Expand business scale and achieve higher profitability

JEOL Core Technology Industrial equipment, Medical equipment, Semiconductor equipment, Service

Strengthen and develop YOKOGUSHI Strategy

YOKOGUSHI Promote Innovation by co-creation

Improve and strengthen for higher profitability

YOKOGUSHI Improve and strengthen for higher profitability

Consolidated Target

  • 170 billion yen in sales, 24 billion yen in operating profit, and 14.1% in operating profit margin

  • ROE of 10% or higher

FY 2021
FY 2022
FY 2024
PL Items Net Sales 138.4 billion yen 152.5 billion yen 170 billion yen
Operating profit (Operating profit margin) 14.1 billion yen
19.5 billion yen
24 billion yen
Ordinary profit (Ordinary profit margin) 16.3 billion yen
18.8 billion yen
24 billion yen
Net profit attributable to owners of the parent 12.3 billion yen 13.7 billion yen 17.5 billion yen
Exchange rate assumption 1$ = 113 yen 1$ = 115 yen 1$ = 115 yen

Transition and Target

Net Sales/Operating Profit Transition

Triangle Plan: FY16 to FY18 Result、Triangle Plan 2022: FY19 to FY21 Result、Evolving Growth Plan: FY22 Plan and FY24 Target

Target by Segment

(Billion Yen)

FY 2021
FY 2022
FY 2024
Scientific and Metrology Instruments PL Item Net sales 85.1 90.2 99.2
Operating profit
(Operating profit margin)
Industrial Equipment PL Item Net sales 34.0 44.2 51.5
Operating profit
(Operating profit margin)
Medical Equipment PL Item Net sales 19.3 18.1 19.3
Operating profit
(Operating profit margin)

※Before allocation of corporate expenses

Corporate Expenses 4.9 5.3 5.7

※Separate strategy expense of 2.5 billion yen is expected in FY2024

Overview of "Evolving Growth Plan"

Scientific and Metrology Instruments

  • Provide highly competitive solutions based on YOKOGUSHI strategy for growing markets
    (semiconductor, drug discovery, battery, etc.)
  • Increase added value to customers through integrated operation of sales and service

Industrial Equipment

  • Expand business by meeting market demands for mask lithography systems and spot beam lithography systems, which continue to grow along with the growth of the semiconductor industry
  • Continue to provide competitive solutions in cooperation with IMS, our business partner

Medical Equipment

  • Continue to expand business by focusing on overseas market development
  • Improve cost ratio by implementing IoT system and through cost reduction activities

Integrated Report

We published "Integrated Report" by integrating "Annual Report" and "Environment Activities Report". Individual "Annual Report" and "Environment Activities Report" which used to be published every year, are replaced with "Integrated Report".