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Internal Control System

Internal Control System Status

Listed below are the systems that ensure that the execution of duties by directors adhere to all laws, regulations, and the Articles of Incorporation as well as other systems(internal control systems) that ensure the appropriateness of operations by the Company and the corporate Group, comprising the Company and all subsidiaries.

Internal Control System Overview

  • System for storing and managing information on the execution of duties by directors

  • Rules and other systems for risk management to prevent loss

  • System for ensuring the efficient execution of duties by directors

  • System for ensuring that the execution of duties by directors and employees complies with all laws, regulations, and the Articles of Incorporation

  • System for ensuring the appropriateness of operations in the corporate Group comprising the Company and all subsidiaries

  • Matters related to the employees who support the duties of Audit & Supervisory Board members when those members request their assistance

  • Matters related to the independence of the employees from directors(stated in the preceding item) and ensuring the effectiveness of instructions given by Audit & Supervisory Board members to employees

  • System for reporting to Audit & Supervisory Board members by directors, etc. and other systems relating to reports to these members

  • System for making sure that people who have made reports, as provided in the preceding item, will not be treated unfavorably after making a report.

  • Matters related to policies for the procedure of payments made in advance or reimbursement of expenses in the execution of duties by Audit & Supervisory Board members and for other treatment of expenses and liabilities associated with the execution of other duties

  • Other systems for checking that audits performed by Audit & Supervisory Board members are conducted effectively


CSR Committee

Recently, corporations are being required to comply with regulations concerning pollution control, reduced use of chemicals, and quality/environmental control as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR).
JEOL organized a committee to address this issue in 2006. The CSR Committee, headed by the president and advised by JEOL’s attorney, meets quarterly. The committee’s purpose is to promote JEOL’s activities to continually improve and reinforce compliance, quality control, social contribution, corporate ethics, and risk management.

Environmental Regulations Committees

Environmental Regulations Committees have been established to handle issues of environmental regulations that apply to JEOL products, starting with the RoHS directive.
All departments related to products, including sales, development, design, procurement, manufacturing and service, participate and are working on legal compliance, Laws and regulations change over time.

Technical Regulation Committees

To respond effectively to the laws and regulations in every country, we have established special committees within the Quality Assurance Division and are taking effective action. Every committee considers all items related to product technical regulations and the latest trends in laws.
Any provisions affecting the JEOL Group are discussed in the committee specializing in that area, and a review is quickly distributed among all concerned through the Quality Assurance Division.
For medical equipment, RA(Regulatory Affairs), along with QA(Quality Assurance) is responsible for the ME quality assurance within the Medical Equipment Division, and for ensuring compliance with the various rules and regulations throughout the world.