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The JEM-2100Plus is a multi purpose transmission electron microscope, which combines the proven JEM-2100 optic system with an advanced control system for enhanced ease of operation. Achieving superior performance through intuitive operation, the JEM-2100Plus provides solutions to a wide range of applications from materials science to medical/biological studies.


Easy operation

64 bit Windows® compatible control software, TEM Center, is an intuitive user interface designed to maximize ease of operation.

Enhanced integration

The TEM Center allows the user to control optional accessories such as high resolution camera and scanning image (BF/DF) observation device through intuitive user-system interaction.

Automated functions

The JEM-2100Plus comes with a complete range of automated functions, including auto focus, auto contrast/brightness, auto exposure, auto montage, drift compensation, and stage navigation.

Image view/edit software

Viewer software supports off-line image viewing and editing.

Notices:Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.


Configuration Ultrahigh resolution※1
High resolution※1
High specimen tilt※1
High contrast※1
Point 0.194 0.23 0.25 0.27 0.31
Lattice 0.14 0.14 0.14 0.14 0.14
  • Specify either configuration (UHR, HR, HT, CR or HC) when ordering the JEM-2100Plus.

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Application JEM-2100Plus


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