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Management of Chemical Substances

JEOL protects employees and prevents the illegal distribution or leaks of chemical substances used in the production process and during R&D. We also introduced a chemical management system in October 2019 aimed at effectively managing daily use and inventories. Through the chemical management system, we educate managers on the correct use of chemical substances as well as effective ways to manage storage locations and amounts, and to ensure best management practices for chemical substances received and used.

Reporting to the Metropolis of Tokyo

JEOL is reporting the specific chemical substances the require reporting under the PPTR Law(Pollutant Release and Transfer Register) and Tokyo Metropolitan Environmental Preservation Code.

(Unit: kg / year)

Substance/fiscal year(amount used) FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020
1)Methanol 100 110
2)Acetone 100
3)Isopropyl alcohol 100 110
4)Sulfuric acid 100

Storage and Disposal of PCB Waste

Although the JEOL Group stored PCB waste (used in high-voltage capacitors, transformers, and stabilizers), we regularly treated both high-concentration and low-concentration waste. Processing of fluorescent lamp ballasts took place in February 2020, making the end of treating PCB waste.

Verification of Waste Material Processing and Processing Results

For waste materials, the main issue is to improve the rate of recycling, which we achieve by completely separating waste products by the type of material, by improving the rate of recycling of waste plastics, and by adopting reusable packing crates and materials.
For the disposal of waste materials, we make every effort to monitor the final disposal method, even for those items that are handled outside the company grounds. We do not rely solely on the control manifests for industrial waste. Waste materials disposal managers ensure compliance with the requirements of Japan’s Wastes Disposal and Public Cleansing Act, as well as those of local regulations. We also perform on-site checks to confirm that the disposal of waste materials is being conducted properly.