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The JEM-2200FS, a state-of-the art analytical electron microscope, is equipped with a 200kV field emission gun (FEG) and the in-column energy filter (Omega filter) that allows a zero-loss image, where inelastic electrons is eliminated, resulting in clear images with high contrast. And energy-filtered images forming with electrons at low loss or core loss energy provide chemical state or elemental information of a sample. Also, spectroscopy for elemental analysis and chemical analysis of specimens is available.


In-column energy filter (Omega filter)

The in-column energy filter enables you to obtain energy-filtered images and electron energy loss spectra. The optimally designed filter provides distortion-free filtered images.

Control system

The main components of the JEM-2200FS, such as the optical system, goniometer stage and evacuation system, are fully PC-controlled. This system stably produces high-quality data.

Imaging system

A new imaging system, consisting of four-stage intermediate lenses and two-stage projector lenses, achieves rotation-free energy-filtered TEM images and diffraction patterns over a wide range of magnifications and camera length.

Piezo-controlled goniometer

A new goniometer stage that incorporates a piezo device offers smooth operation for searching fields of view at the atomic level.

Integration to other instruments

The microscope can be fully controlled with PC.  The design concept enables us to integrate EDS system and CCD cameras.


Configuration※1 Ultrahigh resolution
High resolution
High specimen tilt
High Contrast
0.19 nm
0.1 nm
0.23 nm
0.1 nm
0.25 nm
0.1 nm
0.27 nm
0.14 nm
0.31 nm
0.14 nm
Energy Resolution 0.8 eV(zero-loss FWHM)
Acc. Voltage 160 kV,200 kV※2
Minimum step size
 Energy shift
50 V
3,000 V maximum (in 0.2 V steps)
Electron source
Emitter ZrO/W(100) Schottky
Brightness ≧4×108 A/cm・ sr
Vacuum ×10-8 Pa order
Probe current 0.5 nA at 1 nm probe
Power Stability
Acc. voltage ≦1×10-6/min
OL current ≦1×10-6/min
Filter current ≦1×10-6/min
Objective Lens
Focal length 1.9 mm 2.3 mm 2.7 mm 2.8 mm 3.9 mm
0.5 mm 1.0 mm 1.4 mm 2.0 mm 3.3 mm
1.1 mm 1.4 mm 1.8 mm 2.1 mm 3.0 mm
Minimum step 1.0 nm 1.4 nm 1.8 nm 2.0 nm 5.2 nm
Spot Size (diameter)
TEM mode 2 to 5 nm 7 to30 nm
EDS mode 0.5 to 2.4 nm 1.0 to2.4 nm - 4 to20 nm
NBD mode - -
CBD mode 1.0 to2.4 nm -
CB Diffraction
1.5 to 20 mrad or more -
Acceptance angle ±10 ° -
MAG mode ×2,000 to 1,500,000 ×2,000 to 1,200,000 ×1,500 to1,000,000 ×1,200 to600,000
LOW MAG mode ×50 to1,500
SA MAG mode ×10,000 to800,000 ×8,000 to 600,000 ×8,000 to500,000 ×5,000 to 400,000
Field-of view size for energy selected image 80 mm dia. on final image plane (film) when 10 eV is selected
25 mm dia. on final image plane (film) when 2 eV is selected
Camera Length
SA diffraction 150 to1,500mm 200 to2,000 mm 250 to2,500 mm 300 to3,000 mm
EELS Dispersion
On slit 1.2 μm/eV at 200 kV
On final image plane 50 to300 μm/eV at 200 kV
Specimen chamber
Shift(XY / Z) 2mm/0.2mm 2mm/0.4mm 2mm/0.4mm 2mm/0.4mm 2mm/0.4mm
Specimen tilt X / Y *3 ±25°/±25° ±35°/±30° ±42°/±30° ±15°/±10° ±38°/±30°
Specimen tilt angle(X)※4 ±25° ±80° ±80° ±80° ±80°
Solid angle※6 0.13 sr - 0.09 sr
Take-off angle 25° - 20°
  • Select either configuration when ordering the JEM-2200FS.

  • 80 kV, 100 kV and 120 kV become possible when using the optional short-circuit switches for the accelerating tube.

  • When the Specimen Tilting Holder is used.

  • When the High Tilt Specimen Retainer is used.

  • An optional EDS detector is needed.

  • When 30 mm2 detector is installed.

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Application JEM-2200FS


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