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OmniProbe 350
Nano Manipulator inside
specimen chamber of FIB-SEM

OmniProbe 350 Nano Manipulator inside specimen chamber of FIB-SEM

The OmniProbe 350 of Oxford Instruments is a nano manipulator featuring high precision and smooth operation.
Attaching it to JIB-4700F Multi Beam System, makes lift-out operation possible while observing by SEM and FIB.
A series of TEM specimen preparation processes can be completed within the specimen chamber of JIB-4700F.


  • Intuitive probe operation
    Probe operation can be controlled with the coordinates defined by the observation direction of SEM and FIB.

  • Superior linearity
    A probe that moves in a straight line in all directions can lift-out safely without hitting the side of the trench.

  • Precise movement (with position storing)
    User can move the probe from fully retracted position to working position with a single click. In addition, the working position defined by the user can be saved and the probe can be retrieved to the saved position.

  • Low noise, low drift
    It minimizes vibration and drift when idle, reducing the risks at lift-out.

  • In-situ tip change
    Probe needle can be changed in a short time without venting the chamber of electron microscope.

TEM specimen preparation flow using OmniProbe 350

1. Prepare specimen block

3. Specimen block lifted out of trench

5. Attached to grid

2. OmniProbe connected to specimen

4. Transferred to grid

6.Thin film specimen preparation

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Main part Stroke X:±2mm, Y:±1mm, Z:44mm
Velocity  Minimum:50nm/s, Maximum:500μm/s
Minimum step movement distance 50nm or less
Control Section Controller, PC, monitor, software
Required utilities AC 90 -264 V, 47 – 63 Hz  x 1
Applicable Instrument

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