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This CRYO-FIB-SEM system incorporates a liquid nitrogen cooling stage and a cryocooled specimen transfer mechanism for frozen specimens, making it possible to prepare TEM specimens such as biopolymers.
The specimen transfer mechanism has a built-in sputter coating function. Therefore, this CRYO-FIB-SEM system alone can perform a series of processes to create TEM specimens from frozen specimens including conductivity coating, protective film forming, and FIB processing.
In addition, by using JEOL's CRYO ARM™ cartridge, direct specimen transfer to the CRYO ARM™ after TEM specimen preparation becomes easier.


Cryo Specimen Transfer Using CRYO ARM™ Cartridge

After attaching a specimen mesh to the cartridge, it is no longer necessary to handle the specimen mesh using tweezers, so high-throughput specimen transfer can be performed.

Highly Stable Cooling Stage

The thermal conductivity cooling stage reduces stage drift and vibration caused by the cooling process and realizes steady TEM specimen preparation.

JEOL's Unique Anti-Contamination Device

With this newly developed anti-contamination device, ice contamination in the specimen chamber is reduced. Even during prolonged preparation of large specimen amounts, the device suppresses ice contamination to the fullest extent.

Cryo CLEM Workflow

A cryo-CLEM workflow using the CRYO ARM™ cartridge can be constructed using a cryostage manufactured by Linkam Scientific Instruments* and an optical microscope manufactured by Nikon Corporation*. The stage coordinates of each instrument can be linked, so the orientation and position of the specimen can always be identified during specimen transfer between instruments.



Landing voltage 0.1 to 30.0 kV
Beam current 1 pA to 300 nA
Image resolution 1.6 nm (15 kV、WD 4 mm)
3.0 nm (2 kV、WD 8.5 mm)
Accelerating voltage 1.0 to 30.0 kV
Beam current 1 pA to 90 nA
Image resolution 4.0 nm (30 kV)
Cooling stage
Cooling method Thermal conductivity cooling
Coolant Liquid nitrogen
Cooling temperature Stage: -160 °C or lower
Anti-contamination device:
-180 °C or lower
Cooling retention time 13 hours or more
Movement range X:20 mm
Y:30 mm
Z:4 to 40.5 mm
T:-40 to 70°
R:360° more (-190 to 190°)

Standard Configuration

Conductive coating Pt sputter coating system is built into specimen exchange chamber
Anti-contamination device Incorporated in the SEM column and the specimen chamber

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