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Open Innovation Asia : TOYO UNIVERSITY



In December 2007 Toyo University and Nihon Denshi (JEOL) concluded an agreement to engage in Business-Academia Cooperation related to research activities of the “Bio-Nano Electronics Research Center (BNERC)” (Note 1) and ”Graduate School of Interdisciplinary New Science(IDNS)”, and have been engaging in various activities since then.

  • joint research in the fields of Bioscience/ biotechnology, Nanoscience/ nanotechnology and Bio-nano fusion

  • Development of educational programs for the above

  • Exchange of information with researchers and students

  • Joint hosting of symposiums and seminars (On January 20th, 2012, the “Food Analysis Solution Seminar” was held at the Hakusan campus of Toyo University.)

  • Joint research in other fields

(Note 1)
BNERC of Toyo University was established in 1996, aiming to promote (1) Leading-edge Nanoscience/ nanotechnology research, Bioscience/ biotechnology research and Bio-nano fusion research, (2) Development of young researchers through the leading edge research and (3) Global cooperation in research and education.