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Delta Tips: File Browser (Part 1)


How to use File Browser

1. How to open data with desired data processors and viewers

When a data file is double-clicked in the File Browser window, an appropriate tool is automatically selected. For example, a 1D FID data file opens in the 1D Processor window, while a 1D Fourier-transformed spectrum opens in the Data Slate window. You can open selected data files in the desired tools by clicking appropriate icons (see the figure below).

Delta Tips

2. How to open multiple files

When you open a data file using the File Browser window, it automatically closes. If you wish to keep the File Browser window open, click the white pin (see the figure below). It turns to blue and the File Browser window remains open no matter how many data files you open.

Delta Tips

3. How to display current folder in Windows Explorer

Current folder can be displayed in Windows Explorer (Win OS) by selecting Go - Open Folder.

Delta Tips
! This does not apply to folders inside the data server.

4. How to create shortcut to current folder

If you click the button in the red circle, a shortcut to the current folder is automatically added to Favorites.

Delta Tips

If you place the cursor on the shortcut and hold a right-mouse-button, the full pathway is displayed. The shortcut can be deleted by clicking the red cross ×.

Delta Tips

To change the order of PLACES, FAVORITES and DEVICES, click the grey switch on the right side. To open or close the contents of groups, click on the names of groups or white triangles on the left side.

Delta Tips
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