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JEM-F200 is a new field emission transmission electron microscope, which features higher spatial resolution and analytical performance, an easy to use new operation system for multi-purpose operation, a smart appearance, and various environmentally friendly, energy saving system.


JEM-F200 in motion (Youtube)

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Smart design

The JEM-F200 has a new, and fine appearance.
It incorporates a new, intuitive user interface specifically designed for analytical electron microscopy.
It also features outstanding mechanical and electrical stability, which reflects JEOL's engineering expertise accumulated over the years.

Quad-Lens condenser system

Today's electron microscopy requires to support a wide range of imaging techniques from bright field/dark field TEM to STEM that uses a variety of detectors.
The JEM-F200, with its new 4-stage probe-forming optical system, that is, Quad-Lens Condenser System, controls intensity and the convergence angle of electron beam independently, to respond to the different research requirements.

Advanced Scan system

The JEM-F200 incorporates a new scanning system, Advanced Scan System, which is capable of scanning the electron beam in the image probe forming systems. This accomplishes wide field STEM-EELS.

Pico Stage Drive

The JEM-F200 uses a pico stage drive, which is capable of driving the stage in 200 pico meter step without a piezo drive, and moving the view area with a wide dynamic range from an entire sample grid to atomic order images.

SPECPORTER (auto holder loading/unloading device)

Loading/unloading of a specimen holder has been considered to bring a human error of operation, especially for the beginners.
The JEM-F200 incorporates a new device, SPECPORTER, to facilitate loading and unloading of the specimen holder.
Placing a specimen holder at a given location, and activating the SPECPORTER by a single click insures safe loading and unloading of the holder.

Improved cold FEG

The JEM-F200 supports an optional cold field emission electron gun.
Guaranteeing high stability, high brightness, and high energy resolution, the cold field emission electron gun enables chemical bonding analysis by EELS, and accelerates the analytical process owe to the high brightness electron beam, and by minimizes chromatic aberrations originated from the electron source energy spread enables higher resolution imaging.

Dual SDD

The JEM-F200 simultaneously supports two units of an optional high sensitivity large silicon drift detectors (SDD).
The SDD, featuring enhanced sensitivity, enables speedy EDS analysis while minimizing sample damage.

Environmental friendly

The JEM-F200 incorporates an energy saving system, the ECO mode, as standard for the first time in any transmission electron microscope. The ECO mode is designed to maintain the optimum conditions of the microscope at a minimum level of energy consumption rate when it is not in operation.
The ECO mode can reduce the energy consumption rate to be approximately 1/5 of that for the normal operation mode.
Its scheduling function can restore the working conditions at anytime specified by users.


Specification Ultra high resolution High resolution
TEM(point resolution) 0.19nm 0.23 nm
STEM-HAADF mode 0.14 nm (with Cold FEG)
0.16 nm (with Schottky FEG)
0.16 nm  (with Cold FEG)
0.16 nm (with Schottky FEG)
Accelerating Voltage 200 , 80 kV
Major installable Options EDS
Digital Camera
TEM/STEM Tomography System

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Application JEM-F200


Material: Si 110 High Resolution STEM

  • Sample: Si 110

  • Microscope: JEM-F200 HR pole-piece with CFEG

  • Condition: 200kV, STEM

STEM HAADF Magnification x12M
2048x2048 pixel 38 usec / pixel
With DigiScan

Material: Mono layer MoS2 sheet

  • Sample: Mono layer MoS2 sheet

  • Microscope: JEM-F200 HR pole-piece with CFEG

  • Condition: 200kV, STEM

Life Science: TEM image of ABS polymer at 80kV

  • Sample: ABS polymer

  • Microscope: JEM-F200 HR pole-piece with CFEG

  • Condition: 80kV, TEM

  • Sample preparation: microtome

Material: Improved Cold FEG

High brightness with small energy spread

Chemical-bonding state analysis of Carbon allotropes by EELS

Low Acceleration Voltage / 80kV


a) Single wall carbon nanotube

b) Graphite / high surface area graphite

c) Diamond

d) Amorphous carbon

  • Sample: Carbon allotropes

  • Microscope: JEM-F200 HR pole-piece with CFEG

  • Condition: 80kV, TEM image, EELS QuantumER

Material: STO/Dual SDD

  • Sample: Sr TiO

  • Microscope: JEM-F200 HR pole-piece with CFEG

  • Condition: 200kV, STEM, Dual SDD(100mm2x2) 512x512

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