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The JEM-F200 is a field emission transmission electron microscope, which features higher spatial resolution and analytical performance coupled with intuitive user interface for multi-purpose operation.


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High-resolution TEM/STEM observations from high to low acceleration voltages

The JEM-F200 offers a cold field-emission electron gun, which guarantees high stability, high brightness, and high energy resolution (<0.33 eV). 
This electron gun effectively achieves higher-resolution imaging by minimizing chromatic aberrations originating from the energy spread of the electron source.
Furthermore, by incorporating JEOL's 10+ years of expertise into the design, we have significantly improved both mechanical and electrical stability. 

High-throughput and high-accuracy EDS analysis

The JEM-F200 can be equipped with two large-area Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD) simultaneously, providing high-sensitivity analysis.
The large area and high sensitivity enables efficient EDS analysis at a fraction of the time with reduced damage.
Additionally, utilizing high-speed, lossless drift correction via live STEM images during EDS mapping enables efficient measurements while reducing sample damage from the electron beam.

EELS analysis with high energy resolution

The CFEG of the JEM-F200 can obtain analysis of chemical bonding states and electronic structure at high energy resolution, surpassing the capabilities of a Schottky field emission electron gun. 
This is made possible by incorporating a cold field-emission electron gun that guarantees high energy resolution (<0.33 eV) with EELS (option).

Easy operation with minimal stress even for beginners

The JEM-F200 is equipped with an intuitive user interface that emphasizes user-friendliness. 
It offers comprehensive auto functions for both TEM and STEM, making it easy for beginners to operate.
Additionally, to facilitate easy insertion and removal of sample holders, SPECPORTER™ is incorporated, which enables safe and automated sample holder insertion.
Moreover, the sample stage is equipped with a Pico stage, drive, enabling precise picometer-level movement without requiring a piezo drive mechanism.
This allows for a wide range of field-of-view adjustments, from the entire sample mesh to atomic-level imaging.

Auto Function

Automatic gain & offset → Automatic focus → Automatic astigmatism correction

Seamless workflow from FIB sample preparation to TEM/STEM imaging

A double tilt cartridge and dedicated TEM holder facilitates linkage between TEM and FIB operations.
The cartridge easily transfers between the FIB holder and TEM sample holder with a single touch, eliminating the need to handle a TEM lamella after processing.

Transmission Electron Microscope for a Sustainable Society

The JEM-F200 is the first transmission electron microscope to standardly incorporate an ECO mode. This mode efficiently maintains the instrument with minimal energy consumption during periods of non-use, saving energy.
Activating the ECO mode reduces energy consumption to approximately one-fifth of that during normal operation, contributing to a more sustainable society. 
Additionally, it features a scheduling function, allowing the instrument to return to a usable state from ECO mode at specified dates and times.


Specification Ultra high resolution High resolution
TEM resolution
(at 200 kV)
Point resolution
Lattice resolution
Information limit
0.19 nm
0.1 nm
≦0.11 nm (with Cold FEG)
≦0.12 nm (with Schottky FEG)
0.23 nm
0.1 nm
≦0.11 nm (with Cold FEG)
≦0.12 nm (with Schottky FEG)
STEM resolution
(at 200 kV)
HAADF-STEM image 0.14 nm (with Cold FEG)
0.16 nm (with Schottky FEG)
0.14 nm (with Cold FEG)
0.16 nm (with Schottky FEG)
Electron Gun Cold field-emission electron gun
Schottky-type field-emission electron gun
Accelerating voltage 20 kV~200 kV
(200 kV, 80 kV are selectable as a default. Other accelerating voltages are options.)
Specimen movement * X,Y ±1.0 mm  Z ±0.1 mm X,Y ±1.0 mm  Z ±0.2 mm
Specimen tilt angle * TX/TY (Double-tilt holder) ±25°/ ±25°
TX (High-tilt holder) ±60°
TX/TY (Double-tilt holder) ±35° / ±30°
TX (High-tilt holder) ±80°
Major installable Options Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS)、Electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS)、
Digital Camera、TEM/STEM/EDS Tomography System

* The movement range may change depending on the specimen holder type, or whether or not the objective aperture is inserted.

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Application JEM-F200


Material: Si [110] High Resolution STEM

  • Sample: Si [110]

  • Microscope: JEM-F200 HR pole-piece with CFEG

  • Condition: 200kV, STEM

Material: Mono layer MoS2 sheet

  • Sample: Mono layer MoS2 sheet

  • Microscope: JEM-F200 HR pole-piece with CFEG

  • Condition: 200kV, STEM

Life Science: TEM image of ABS polymer at 80kV

  • Sample: ABS polymer

  • Microscope: JEM-F200 HR pole-piece with CFEG

  • Condition: 80kV, TEM

  • Sample preparation: microtome

Material: SrTiO3/Dual SDD

With image filter processing

  • Sample: SrTiO3

  • Microscope: JEM-F200 HR pole-piece with CFEG

  • Condition: 200 kV, STEM, Dual SDD(100 mm2 ×2), 256x256 pixels, 10 min mapping time

Material: Improved Cold FEG

High brightness with small energy spread

Chemical-bonding state analysis of Carbon allotropes by EELS

Low Acceleration Voltage / 80kV



a) Single wall carbon nanotube

b) Graphite / high surface area graphite

c) Diamond

d) Amorphous carbon

  • Sample: Carbon allotropes

  • Microscope: JEM-F200 HR pole-piece with CFEG

  • Condition: 80kV, TEM image, EELS QuantumER

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