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InTouchScope™ Scanning
Electron Microscope

JSM-IT200 InTouchScope™ Scanning Electron Microscope


JSM-IT200 is an easy-to-use SEM focused on cost performance of high functionalities of JSM-IT500 (higher-end model) of InTouchScopeTM, with significantly higher throughput.
Specimen Exchange Navi, a beginner-friendly function, offers guided operation from sample loading to area search, and SEM image observation. “Zeromag” for seamless transition from optical to SEM imaging, “Live Analysis”*2 for real time display of elemental analysis results, SMILE VIEW(TM) Lab for seamless report generation of observation and/or analysis results, etc., provide fast analysis with integrated transition from OM to SEM.
Fast observation, analysis and report generation!
JEOL InTouchScope™ series, the high performance analytical tool with major three functions.

Specimen Exchange Navi: Guided operation from sample introduction to observation

A step-by-step guide to sample exchange, condition setting and automatic imaging.

Fast observation! "Zeromag"

You can locate the specimen area or specify analysis positions with Holder Graphics or Optical CCD image*1 displayed on the Main screen.

Zeromag image displayed on the Main screen

Fast analysis! "Live Analysis"*2

The characteristic X-ray spectrum from the measurement area and the main constituent elements are displayed during observation.

Fast report generation! SMILE VIEW™ Lab: integrated data management

Single-click of the data management button displays the Data management screen, allowing you to generate a report of all images and analysis data, as well as review or re-analyze already-acquired data.

  • To take a CCD image, optional SNS (stage navigation system) is required.

  • Applicable to LA (Low Vacuum & Analysis) versions.

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