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JSM-6510 Series Scanning Electron Microscope


JSM-6510 Series Scanning Electron Microscope

A general-purpose, thermal type SEM to meet the needs of a wide range of users with built-in standard recipes. A wealth of available options, such as Cryo, further expands the range of applications.


Operation navigation

The operation navigation screen displays a variety of navigation functions.
The specimen exchange procedure is presented in a flow format, so that the process can be easily completed even by a first time user.
When the motor-drive stage option installed, a stage graphic makes it easy to search for a target site When the stage navigation system (option) is used, it is possible to locate a region of interest with the feel of operating an optical microscope.
Video animations supplement the maintenance procedure explanations

Standard recipes

Standard recipes incorporating JEOL expertise and experience are pre-installed
Even new SEM users can set conditions suitable for each sample

Wide range of options

A variety of options can be installed, including a cryo system and a cool stage
Since the EDS is also a JEOL product, control can be performed from a single PC

EDS integration

Analysis can be started from the SEM window
Since the EDS is also a JEOL product, control can be performed from a single PC


ResolutionHV mode 3.0 nm(30 kV)、8 nm(3 kV)、15 nm(1 kV)
LV mode *1 4.0 nm(30 kV)
Magnification × 5 to × 300,000 (on 128 mm × 96 mm image size)
Preset magnifications 5 step, user selectable
Standard recipe Built in
Custom recipe Operation conditions (Optics, Image mode, LV pressure*1) Specimen stage
Image mode Secondary electron image, REF image, Composition*1, Topography*1, Shadowed*1
Accelerating voltage 0.5 kV to 30 kV
Filament Factory pre-centered filament
Electron gun Fully automated, manual override
Condenser lens Zoom condenser lens
Objective lens Super conical objective lens
Objective lens apertures 3 stages, XY fine adjustable
Stigmator memory Built in
Electrical image shift ± 50 μm (WD = 10 mm)
Auto functions Focus, brightness, contrast, stigmator
Specimen stage Eucentric large-specimen stage
X: 80 mm, Y: 40 mm, Z: 5 mm to 48 mm,
Tilt: −10° to 90°, Rotation: 360°
Reference image (Navigator*3) 4 images
Specimen exchange Draw out the stage
Maximum specimen 150 mm diameter
PC IBM PC/AT compatible
OS Windows 7
Monitor 19 inch LCD, 1 or 2*2
Frame store 640 × 480, 1,280 × 960, 2,560 × 1,920, 5,120 × 3,340
Dual live image Built in
Full size image display Built in
Pseudo color Built in
Multi image display 2 images, 4 images
Digital zoom Built in
Dual magniἀcation Built in
Network Ethernet
Measurement Built in
Image format BMP、TIFF、JPEG
Auto image archiving Built in
Pumping system Fully automated, DP: 1, RP: 1 or 2*1
Switching vacuum mode*1 Through the menu, less than 1 minute
LV Pressure*1 10 to 270 Pa
JED-2300 EDS*2 Built in

Principal Options

Backscattered electron detector*1
Low vacuum secondary electron detector 
Energy dispersive X-ray analyzer (EDS)
Wave length dispersive X-ray analyzer (WDS)
Stage navigation system
Airlock chamber
Chamber scope
Operation keyboard
LaB6 electron gun
Report creation software (SMile View™)*2
Operation console (750 mm wide, 900 mm wide)
Motor controlled stage (2 axes, 3 axes, 5 axes)

  • Standard on JSM-6510LA and JSM-6510LV

  • Standard on JSM-6510LA and JSM-6510A

  • Available when the motorized specimen stage is provided.


Application JSM-6510series


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