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Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

JMS-TQ4000GC Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer


High speed and high sensitive analysis was achieved by JEOL’s proprietary technologies.
JMS-TQ4000GC was developed with all technologies and experience that were brewed in the development of high-end GC-MS of JEOL. 

Three Technologies provide Accurate Quantitative Values Faster.

Short collision cell that has capability of ion accumulation and pulsed ion ejection allows to achieve the high sensitive and high speed measurement. Measurement time can be reduced by high speed SRM switching, 1,000 transitions/sec, that is the fastest in the industry. It allows to improve the throughput of total analysis.

Technology 1 Ion Accumulation

The short collision cell accumulates the ions for a given short time and then eject them as pulse. Noise level of the signal can be reduced by synchronizing the timing between pulsed ion ejection and signal acquisition and that makes high sensitivity analysis possible.

Technology 2 Short Cell

Using the short collision cell makes it possible to eject all of ions accumulated in the cell very quick. That provides both of high sensitivity and high speed SRM switching that is the fastest in the industry without ion interaction among SRM channels (crosstalk).

Technology 3 Fast GC

Fast GC technique (using capillary column with small-diameter and short-length, using quick heating up rate for oven temperature) can reduce the measurement time, significantly expediting the routine analysis. Since the peak widths in the Fast GC chromatogram become narrow, high-speed transition are required. Short collision cell technology gives enough high speed transition for Fast GC measurement without any sensitivity loss.


Conventional GC-MS measurement

30m length,
0.25mm I.D.,
0.25μm film thicknes

Total 40min


Fast GC-MS measurement

20m length,
0.18mm I.D.,
0.18μm film thicknes

Total 15min

Easier and Faster Data Analysis

Data Analysis software for Multi-Target compounds "Escrime™"

Being heedful of the real needs from customers, the data analysis software “Escrime™” was developed by focusing both of the simpler layout for easy to understand and the simpler GUI for easy to operate.
Escrime™ software has many functionalities that can achieve what users are looking forward.

Slideshow for Data Check (Compound Slideshow Function)

Calibration curves, chromatograms and quantitative results for all target compounds and for all samples are automatically displayed on the screen. Users can check the all information without any action about their analysis and can stop the slideshow and edit the data analysis if necessary.

Easy Maintenance

Easy to clean-up the ion source, and Resume analysis quickly

No tools are required to remove the ion source from main body. High evacuation capability of vacuum pump make it possible to resume the analysis very quickly.


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