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Ultraviolet Radiation Apparatus ES-13080UV2A / ES-13090UV04

Ultraviolet Radiation Apparatus ES-13080UV2A / ES-13090UV04


The Ultraviolet Radiation Apparatus, an attachment for an ESR, has been renewed.
It is a compact device that can save a lot of space compared to conventional models. A flexible optical fiber is installed in the irradiation window at the front of the cavity, enabling direct light irradiation and measurement with good reproducibility. It can also be used in combination with various temperature controllers.

Two types of lamps (mercury-xenon lamp, xenon lamp) are available for generation of radicals from various samples. The use of a cut filter is possible, so a selection of irradiation light wavelength is possible according to the sample or purpose of evaluation. In order for precise control of the irradiation time, the unit is equipped with a function to automatically close the shutter.

JES-X320 and ES-13080UV2A

Emission spectrum of lamp


ES-13080UV2A ES-13090UV04
Lamp Mercury-xenon lamp Xenon lamp
Lamp power Approx. 200 W Approx. 150 W
Main emission wavelength 240 nm to 400 nm 300 nm to 800 nm
Ultraviolet radiation intensity (Typ.) 3,500 mW / cm2 (at 365nm) -
Dimension (WxDxH) 142 × 311 × 227 (mm)
*Protrusions not included.
Weight Approx. 6.4 kg
Applicable cavity ES-UCX2 / MCX1A / TM1A / ODMRC


Application UltravioletIrradiation

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