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How to convert data from/to nmrpipe format


Nmrpipe software provides a command for conversion of NMR data from Delta format to mrpipe format (delta2pipe). The same conversion as well as the reverse one can be done within Delta as easily as saving/opening a file.

From Delta to nmrpipe format

Save as from dataSlate

1. Open FID data or processed data with Data Slate
2. Select 
File-Save -Save as and in the File Browser that appears select a folder, edit the filename and set format at “NMR Pipe”
For (n>2)D data, the output would be a series of files. An increasing number index would automatically be added to the filename


The above conversion is demonstrated with 3D NMR data(3D HNCO data).

Save as for 3D processed data in DataSlate

Data were saved in nmrpipe format and opened with nmrpipe software (nmrDraw)

1HN-15N projection
1HN-13CO projection
13CO-15N 2D slice at 1HN=7.014ppm

In the same way, preprocessed data (FID data) can be saved in nmrpipe format and then processed within nmrpipe with standard scripts.

Save as for 3D FID data from DataSlate

Within nmrpipe and before any processing, you can read the header of the file to confirm that information regarding the original data is correctly preserved.

Within nmrpipe
1HN-15N projection after processing with standard nmrpipe script

From nmrpipe to Delta format

The reverse conversion from nmrpipe to Delta format is trivial too:

Open fid file with Delta File Browser

1. Save data in nmrpipe format using the extension “.fid”
2. Using the Delta File Browser select the above file and open it. Delta will automatically execute conversion from nmrpipe to Delta format
The *.fid file should be a single file. If nmrpipe data are in the form of a series of files then combine them into a single file

The aforementioned FID data processed with nmrpipe, were then saved as *.fid file and opened with Delta.

saved as fid file

Please see the PDF file for the additional information.
Another window opens when you click.

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