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Delta Tips: How to Measure Full Width at Half Maximum


This issue of Delta Tips demonstrates measurement of full width at half maximum (FWHM), also known as line width at half height (LWHH), in 1D Processor.

① Select Display – Peaks – Print Peak Widths. This will add the ‘print_peak_widths’ command.

Delta Tips

② Click the button in the red circle and select a signal to copy its chemical shift into the clipboard.

③ Click the black triangle next to ‘print_peak_widths’ to reveal all the parameters.

Delta Tips

④ Paste the value stored in the clipboard (e.g. 3.32272 ppm) into the Position input box.

Delta Tips

⑤ Click the button in the blue circle to execute the processing list.

⑥ Find the FWHM value in the Delta window as shown the figure. It is 13.9 Hz in the example.

Delta Tips
∗ The procedure described above creates a report which can be viewed by using the File Information Tool.
Delta Tips
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