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Delta Tips: Integration: Transfer Integral Tool


This issue of Delta Tips relates to integration of multiple spectra and quantitative analysis (qNMR). The Transfer Integral Tool can be used to integrate several spectra in identical integral ranges. It conveniently copies integral ranges from one spectrum to another one. The procedure shown below applies to 1D Processor and Data Slate. We will use a Data Slate window in the example.

① Select Analyze – Transfer Integral Tool.

Delta Tips

② Click the and buttons in the Transfer Integral Tool window. Then select the spectrum to load the integral ranges by the cursor.

Delta Tips

③ Click the button in the Transfer Integral Tool window. Then select the spectrum to apply the integral ranges into by the cursor.

Delta Tips

∗ To normalize an integral click the button in the ‘N’ column of the integral (e.g. 7.44 – 7.16 ppm). Then input the value into the ‘Normal’ input box, click the button and select the spectrum by the cursor.

Delta Tips
∗ Select File – Save Template to save the integral ranges to a file (JIL format).
Delta Tips
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