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Delta Tips: Curve Analysis Tool


How to plot relaxation or diffusion data of multiple peaks at once

The procedure is demonstrated on T1 relaxation data.

① Click the button in the red circle to activate the selection mode. Select the peaks of interest to plot their relaxation data.

Delta Tips

② Click the button in the red circle to plot the data. The Print Options window opens.

Delta Tips

③ Select the ‘All Slices’ option in the Print Options window.

④ It is possible to print up to four plots per page. We will plot four plots per page.

Delta Tips

⑤ Click the printer button in the Print Options window to plot the data. In the Print window (not shown), select a printer to plot on paper or JEOL PDF to print to a PDF file.

⑥ An example of plot is shown below.

Delta Tips
If you want to see a printed version,
please click this PDF file.




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