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Introduction of Dual Mode Cavity (ES-14040DMC)


Dual Mode Cavity (ES-14040DMC)

The dual mode cavity (ES-14040DMC) is newly added to the lineup of ESR attachments (Figure 1). This cavity can detect ESR signals while applying microwave magnetic field (B1) from perpendicular or parallel direction against external magnetic field (B0). Since the spin transition probability changes depending on the B1 direction, this cavity can be used to observe not only allowed transitions but also forbidden transitions such as triplets (S = 1), integer spin systems and transition metal ions, etc.

Main specifications

  • Magnetic field modulation: 10 kHz (external modulation)
  • Magnetic field modulation width: 1 mT (max)

Perpendicular mode

  • Resonating frequency: Approx. 9,600 MHz
  • Resonance mode: Rectangular TE102
  • Unloaded Q-value: > 10,000

Parallel mode

  • Resonating frequency: Approx. 9,450 MHz
  • Resonance mode: Rectangular TE012
  • Unloaded Q-value: > 8,000
Figure 1

Figure 1. Dual Mode Cavity

Example of ESR measurement

Figure 2 shows ESR spectra of MnO (S = 5/2, I = 5/2) at room temperature. As shown in Figure 2(A), 6 allowed transitions of Mn2+ are clearly observed in the perpendicular mode. On the other hand, figure 2(B) shows 5 lines (*) with different intensity are mainly observed in the parallel mode, and 6 lines observed in the perpendicular mode are also appeared slightly. A new perspective to your sample might be obtained from ESR by using a dual mode cavity.

Figure 2

Figure 2. ESR spectra of MnO obtained by perpendicular and parallel mode

(A) Perpendicular mode (Frequency: 9,593 MHz) (B) Parallel mode (Frequency: 9,454 MHz)

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