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SX-01020LVC / SX-01030LVC Low Vacuum Capsule for analyzing liquid samples

Helium-free light elements analysis is achieved in liquid!


Recent serious problem of a reduced supply of helium has led to an increased demand of alternative methods for X-ray fluorescence spectrometers which perform light-elements analysis in liquid with the use of helium.
The Low Vacuum Capsule enables samples to preserve its liquid state in a sample chamber under vacuum, thus allowing for helium-free light elements analysis in liquid.

Measurement example

Mineral measurement in food: Trace volumes of Mg can be detected and quantified.

Configuration of the Low Vacuum Capsule

The Low Vacuum Capsule enables analysis of a sample in liquid while suppressing sample vaporization and maintaining the pressure which does not cause a break of the sample analyzing film, by setting the pressure of the liquid sample cup to a low vacuum.

Video introducing

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Type: SX-01020LVC
Applicable instrument: JSX-1000S*

* SX-03020VU (Vacuum Unit), SX-03030RP (Rotary Pump) required, and for quantitative analysis, SX-06030TFP (Thin Film FP Method Analysis Software ) required.

Detectable elements: Na to U
Controllable pressure: 20 kPa to 100 kPa


Liquid sample Capsule: 2 units
Single-sample Protection Cup: 1 unit
Multi-sample Protection Ring: 1 unit
Pressure control Cup: 1 unit

Consumable parts for liquid analysis (provided separately)

Micro sample Holder: Parts No. 783142269
Prolene Film*: Parts No. 423202511
Porousness Film: Parts No. 780190696

* Other films dedicated to X-ray analysis are possible

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