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Nowadays, not only resolution and analytical performance on the nanometer order, but also throughput in data acquisition are considered important. The newly born JSM-IT710HR is the fourth-generation model of JEOL's HR* series, which is based on the theme of "SEM that allows anyone to easily take high-resolution images.
The JSM-IT710HR makes users want to pursue beyond what has been seen, due to ease of operation with enhanced automatic functions and improved observation performance from a new detector.

*HR=High Resolution


Product video

I can see it, I want to see it more

1. The SEM image is visible in conjunction with the optical image.

Specimen: courtesy of Hino Tonton ZOO (Hamura Zoo)

2. The image is seen better due to the high resolution electron gun.

I can see it, I want to see it more

Charge reduction

Low vacuum

3D observation

Multi-segment detector

Elemental information


Crystal structure analysis



Charge reduction
Specimen: Courtesy of Prof. Tetsuro Asakura, Department of Biotechnology and Life Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Crystal structure analysis
Specimen: Courtesy of Prof. Kaneaki Tsuzaki, National Institute for Material Science (NIMS)

New functionality

Automatic Observation:Simple SEM/EDS

Simple SEM function enables automatic measurements by registering multiple conditions at once. Simple
This improves the efficiency of routine work.

1. Specify multiple conditions at once.

2. Select multiple fields of view at once.

3. Start automatic observation.

Live 3D: constructs 3D image on the spot

Imaging is possible at a low magnification with a little distortion, due to the out-lens objective lens.

Images acquired using the Quadrant detector

Specimen: Fracture surface of plastic

Live 3D image

New Low Vacuum Hybrid Secondary Electron Detector (LHSE) ※Optional function

The LHSED, a new low-vacuum detector, enables observation while switching between images containing light emission information and topographic images.

LHSED Features

  • Improved quality of low vacuum secondary electron live image
  • Acquisition of light emission information
  • Switching between topographic and light emission information images

Schottky FE electron gun stability has been enhanced more than 4 times compared to the previous models

Automatic Beam Adjustment

JSM-IT710HR does not require complicated manual adjustment and provides automatic adjustment from axis alignment to astigmatism correction and focusing.

When alignment is not accurate: Automatic beam alignment (ABA)

When astigmatism is not corrected  or focus is not adjusted: Autofocus (AF) Auto stigmator (AS)

Secondary Electron Detection System

Secondary electron detector

Specimen: Feather of peacock*
*Specimen image: Courtesy of Hinotonton Zoo (Hamura Zoo)

Low vacuum secondary electron detector

Specimen: cellulose microfiber

Both High Resolution and Large Current

The Schottky field emission gun used in the JSM-IT710HR enables high-resolution observation and analysis because the electron gun is integrated with the condenser lens to create large currents while maintaining a small probe.

Backscattered Electron Detection System

The new multi-segmented backscattered electron detector acquires backscattered electron images from four directions at once so that a simple 3D image can be created and displayed live, in real-time.

Every Analysis Starts with Zeromag 

Zeromag's optical image simplifies navigation.
SEM images can be linked to optical images for easy observation, analysis, and automated measurements.


EDS Integration

JEOL manufactures and sells not only SEMs but also EDS.
Fully embedded EDS with SEM for simplified workflow, operation and data management.


Phase Analysis

JEOL’s EDS system supports a new phase analysis function. Phase maps can be created from map data set.

Backscattered electron image

Phase mapping (Overlay of multiple phases)

Specimen: cross section of a cutting tool for precision machining

Phase analysis indicates component difference between Co, Cu and Sn rich areas.

Co area: 68.15%

CuSn (CuRich) area: 16.25%

CuSn (SnRich) area: 14.54%


Please refer to our product catalogue. 

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Electronic Devices

Applicable features of JSM-IT710HR: high r esolution, high contrast, wide-ar ea observation


Clear observation of a nanovoid at the junction interface of an electronic device

Specimen: LED cross section prepared using CP*
Magnification: ×250 (top), ×1,000 (bottom left), ×40,000 (bottom right)
Accelerating voltage: 5 kV



Wiring pattern

Using the low-vacuum function to observe a wide area of the wiring pattern surface

Specimen: wiring pattern surface, magnification: ×200 (left), ×300 (right), vacuum pressure: 70 Pa, accelerating voltage: 15 kV


High-resolution EDS map

Specimen: SRAM cross section prepared using CP
Magnification: ×10,000 (top), ×50,000 (bottom)
Accelerating voltage: 5 kV (SEM), 7 kV (EDS)

Backscattered electron image

EDS map

Al bonding pad

By acquiring both low-vacuum secondary electron images and backscattered electron images at the same time, the topographic information and composition information of a wide specimen surface area can be acquired.

Low-vacuum secondary electron image

Low-vacuum backscattered electron image

Specimen: bonding pad surface, magnification: ×100, vacuum pressure: 70 Pa, accelerating voltage: 15 kV


Applicable features of JSM-IT710HR: optical system suitable for EBSD analysis (Schottky field emission gun and out-lens objective lens)


Energy and Ceramics

Applicable featur es of JSM-IT710HR: analysis capabilities and low-vacuum function

Perovskite solar cell substrate

High-accuracy analysis of nano-scale layers in the solar cell substrate

Ceramic substrate (Si3N4)

Low-vacuum function enables elemental analysis of non-conductive specimens.

Low-vacuum backscattered electron image

Low-vacuum elemental map

Accelerating voltage: 5 kV, low-vacuum elemental mapping (30 Pa), Machine milled surface of Si3N4 substrate*
*Surface finish: planar argon ion milling after machine milling

Soft Material and Life Science

Applicable features of JSM-IT710HR: low accelerating voltage, low-vacuum functio n, and ultra-low magnification observation

ABS resin

Even multiple images observed at a magnification of tens of thousands can be acquired with high accuracy and stable brightness.


High-brightness, high-resolution secondary electron image

Artificial vessel

Observing a biological specimen on a slide glass from low to high magnification

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