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Easy to acquire data for all specimen types

The JSM-210 is the most compact stationary scanning electron microscope of JEOL.
The newly developed stage is motor-driven for all five axes of movement, making it safer and faster to use.
In addition, the newly equipped "Simple SEM" automatically acquires observation and analysis by simply selecting the field of view. The JSM-IT210 is a new generation SEM that is compact and can be operated unattended.


Guide from specimen exchange to automatic observation "Specimen Exchange Navi"

1. Follow the Navi to set specimen

2. Prepare for observation during evacuation

Searching for a field of view is easy! View inside the chamber

3. Start observation automatically

*1 The stage navigation system (SNS) is optional.
*2 SNSLS is optional. It can be used with SNS concurrently.
*3 The chamber scope (CS) is optional.

Magnify the optical image, transition to SEM image "Zeromag"

The Zeromag function simplifies navigation providing a seamless transition from optical* to SEM image.
The SEM, optical image and holder graphic are all linked for a global view of analysis locations.


* Stage navigation system (SNS, optional) is required for optical image capture.

Embedded EDS for Real-Time elemental composition during observation* "Live Analysis"

Live Analysis is a function which displays the EDS spectrum or element maps in Real-Time during image observation. This function can support searching and provide an alert for target elements.


*A (Analysis) or LA (Low Vacuum & Analysis) models are required.

Automation for enhanced productivity "Simple SEM"

Simple SEM automates image collection at multiple locations, conditions and magnifications.

Step 1 Select observation conditions, Step 2 Set target fields, Start automatic collection!

Tools for speed

Stage with high position accuracy. Relocate analysis positions with accuracy.

Standard 60 mm2 large diameter EDS*
For fast analysis*

Fast analysis

The 60 mm2  sensor size EDS equipped as standard with JSM-IT210 can obtain the same quality in much less time than with smaller area detectors. Multi-point analysis can be also performed more efficiently.

10 mm2 EDS: Measurement time 60 seconds
60mm2 EDS: Measurement time 10 seconds

Application to heat-sensitive specimens

A small area EDS detector requires a large current for analysis. Heat-sensitive specimens are damaged due to beam irradiation, which negatively affects an elemental map.


10mm2 EDS


60 mm2 EDS


The 60 mm2 EDS collects an element map with lower probe current.
 This enables fast analysis while minimizing damage caused by heat.

Fast, clear element maps

60 mm2 EDS collects a clear element map even by one minute measurement.

60mm2 EDS
Backscattered electron image
Multi-color overlay display

Specimen: pallasite meteorite
Accelerating voltage: 15 kV
Measurement time: 1 minute

* This EDS is compatible with LV (Low Vacuum) and LA (Low Vacuum & Analysis) models.


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