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JEOL’s new Cryogen Reclamation System offers a convenient, reliable and highly effective solution to managing and maintaining your NMR instrument’s cryogen levels.


  • Substantially reduces the evaporation of liquid helium and liquid nitrogen from the superconducting magnet (SCM)

  • Significantly reduces the frequency and costs of cryogen refills

  • Maximizes NMR instrument uptime, reduces the risk of shutdown due to cryogen supply issues

  • Lightweight, space-saving design

  • Low vibration of the System ensures excellent data quality and low artefact levels

  • Can be retrofitted to existing JEOL NMR instruments with the SCM maintained “at field”


Performance of Cryogen Reclamation System

Fig.1 Comparison of the remaining liquid helium transitions
(An example when a JEOL magnet is used)

With the Cryogen Reclamation System, there is almost no change in the amount of liquid helium remaining after a number of days.

Fig. 2 2D NOESY spectrum obtained on JEOL instrument fitted with Cryogen Reclamation System.

The high stability and low vibration of the System ensures excellent data quality and low artefact (e.g. t1-noise) levels, even with demanding multidimensional NMR applications.


  • Boil-off performance depends on condition of magnet.

  • SCM requires liquid helium and liquid nitrogen during installation period.

  • Please contact us for magnets other than these listed.

  • It requires cooling water separately.


Example of layout for Cryogen Reclamation System with JNM-ECZL500R

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