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High-Resolution Mass Spectrometer

JMS-800D High-Resolution Mass Spectrometer

Highly Advanced Dioxins / POPs Analysis System

JMS-800D UltraFOCUS™ is an instrument focusing on ultramicro analysis, which is optimal for dioxins in HRGC/HRSIM mode, as well as the related compounds of PCB, PBDE, and POP compounds.


Double Column GC Interface (Option)

The UltraFOCUS™ has a double column GC interface to allow the simultaneous connection of two GC injectors with separate GC columns. The pumping configuration and capacity allows change of the GC column without venting the instrument, reducing instrument downtime and increasing productivity. The unique double column GC interface enables direct line of sight GC column setting into the source region, as well as giving an improved thermal variation profile.

Ion Chamber

The socket Electron Ionization (EI) chamber allows rapid and convenient change of ion chamber without venting the instrument.

Premier Magnet

The magnet is made of fully laminated rolled grain-oriented steel with high permeability and low hysteresis. The magnet design features an extra-wide gap and so allows use of a wider flight tube, giving higher transmission and reducing any susceptibility to contamination.


The UltraFOCUS™ uses a 20KV conversion dynode photomultiplier with 'point detecting' technology, which ensures both stable longevity of the instrument and sensitivity enhancement on compounds with m/z >500.


Ultra High Sensitivity S/N 200 or more on 100fg 2,3,7,8-TCDD (R=10,000, HRSIM)
Ultra High Resolving Power 80,000 (10%Valley)
Highest Acceleration Voltage 10kV
Wide Mass Range 1-12,000u
Socket Type Ion Chamber The Ion chamber is removable without venting for filament exchange and easy maintenance.
Standard Sample Inlet System
with Automatic On/Off Function
The software controls on/off switching of the inlet valve of the reservoir for the standard compound (PFK).
This reduces contamination of the ion source and maintains stable sensitivity for a long time.
Fully Computer-Controlled System Incorporating easy operation functions for both automatic tuning of the ion source along with other optics, and automatic resolution optimization of slit conditions.
Control of the mass spectrometer by the data system prevents mis-operation and enables inexperienced operators to obtain optimum analysis results with ease.
Focus Tuning Automated tuning for ion source lenses and Q poles is performed by one click of the mouse.
Resolving Power Setting The mass resolving power is automatically adjustable by entering the target resolution numerically.
Dioxin Analysis Program (DioK)
The dedicated automatic quantitation program is based on the EPA method, JIS standard and EN protocol.
The DioK software provides high efἀciency in data processing work.
Auto Sampler
150 positions


Application JMS-800D

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