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JIB-4000 Focused Ion Beam Milling & Imaging System



The JIB-4000 is a focused ion beam processing and observation system (single-beam FIB system) featuring a high-performance ion column. The accelerated Ga ion beam is focused and applied to the sample to enable SIM image observation of the sample surface, milling, and deposition of materials like carbon or tungsten. It is also possible to fabricate cross-section samples in order to observe the sample interior or thin film specimen for TEM imaging. In comparison to a SEM image, a SIM image shows noticeable channeling contrast due to differences in the crystal orientation. It is especially suitable for evaluating cross-sections of multi-layer coatings and metallic structures.


High-Power FIB column

The JIB-4000 incorporates a High-Power FIB column with a maximum ion beam current of 60 nA, enabling fast cross-section milling. High-speed milling with a large current is especially useful for processing of large areas, and cross-sections for observation can be fabricated easily, even at sizes of more than 100 µm

User-friendly FIB

The JIB-4000 offers excellent operability of a High-Power FIB column. The design concept for the instrument is user-friendliness, with the external appearance as well as the GUI designed to create an easy-to-use FIB system. This is an instrument that can be easily operated even by users who are not FIB experts. The size of the instrument is compact, among the smallest in the industry, making it possible to install in an even wider range of locations.

Twin stage

The standard configuration of the JIB-4000 includes a bulk sample motor stage to accommodate bulk samples. It is also possible to add a side-entry goniometer stage that allows direct insertion of the TEM chip on holder. With the bulk sample motor stage, the entire surface of a 20 mm x 20 mm bulk sample can be observed. Specimen exchanges can be performed quickly through the air lock chamber. The side-entry goniometer stage is the same one used for the JEOL TEM systems, so the chip-on holder can be used with the JEOL TEM systems, making it easy to alternate between FIB milling and TEM observations.

Wealth of attachments

There are a variety of attachments available to support the operations of the JIB-4000, including a CAD navigation system that is useful for circuit modification applications, and a vector scan system that is effective for milling special shapes. By adding the appropriate attachments to the JIB-4000, the system can support applications beyond sample preparation.



Ion source Ga liquid metal ion source
Accelerating voltages 1 to 30 kV (in 5 kV steps)
Magnification ×60 (for searching for a field)
Image resolution 5 nm (at 30 kV)
Beam current Up to 60 nA (at 30 kV)
Movable aperture 12 steps (motor drive)
Ion beam shapes during milling Rectangle, line, and spot
Specimen stage Bulk-specimen 5 axis goniometer stage
X:±11 mm
Y:±15 mm
Z:0.5 ~ -23 mm
T:-5 ~ +60°
Maximum specimen size 28 mm dia. (13 mm H)/ 50 mm dia (2 mm H)

Optional attachments

  • Gas injection system 2 (IB-02100GIS2)

  • Carbon Deposition Cartridge (IB-52110CDC2)

  • Tungsten Deposition Cartridge (IB-52120WDC2)

  • Platinum Deposition Cartridge (IB-52130WDC2)

  • Side Entry Goniometer Stage (IB-01040SEG)

  • Probe Current Detector (IB-04010PCD)

  • Operation Panel (IB-05010OP)

  • Stage Navigation System (IB-01200SNS)

  • FIB Tip-on Holder (EM-02210)

  • FIB Bulk-Specimen Holder (EM-02220)

  • FIB Bulk-Specimen Holder 1 (EM-02560FBSH1)

  • FIB Bulk-Specimen Holder 2 (EM-02570FBSH2)

  • FE-SEM Specimen Holder Adapter (EM-02580FSHA)

  • Shuttle Retainer (EM-02280)

  • Atmosphere Pick-up System (EM-02230)


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