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Multimode cavity ES-MCX1A

Multimode cavity  ES-MCX1A


A cavity used for quantitative measurements of spin concentration.
By measuring a standard sample and the unknown sample under the same conditions within the cavity, the spin concentration of unknown samples can be calculated. Addition and subtraction of spectra also removal of background signals by changing the phase of the magnetic field modulation that affects both samples.

  • The following relationship is used to calculate the number of spins of unknown and standard samples.


Resonance frequency Approx. 9,400MHz
Resonance mode Rectangular TE014
Unloaded Q-value >10,000
Magnetic field modulation 100 kHz (internal)
Field modulation width 1 mT (max)
  • Not applicable when using PP1, PP44. (sub pole pieces)

  • Not applicable with the X310 spectromete

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