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JEOL RESONANCE and Mestrelab Research S.L., announce technology partnership for qNMR market - qNMR seamless -

Release Date: 2017/04/27

Tokyo (April27, 2017)-JEOL RESONANCE Inc. (hereafter "JEOL") and Mestrelab Research S.L.(hereafter "Mestrelab") announce a new technology partnership of significant interest to industrial and government institutions that perform work involving compound quantitation using NMR(qNMR).

qNMR has been attracting considerable attention across a broad spectrum of chemical analytical laboratories, as it provides accurate quantitative information without the requirement of reference compounds or predetermined response factors for every analyte. qNMR can be applied for the evaluation of reference materials and is a primary reference analysis method recognized in Europe, America, and Japan, and is already adopted in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia.

Quality control facilities of chemical and pharmaceutical industries are showing increasing interest in qNMR as it becomes more widely implemented and understood.

In routine quality control analysis, many samples must be measured and analyzed efficiently and effectively. Even analysts with little or no technical experience with NMR should be able to analyze and evaluate the measurement outcome. For this purpose, a new product (software) capable of full, automatic qNMR analysis is required. JEOL and Mestrelab are developing a fully automated signal acquisition and qNMR analysis capability, which will provide the full power of correctly executed qNMR to all users in a single, highly automated environment. This unique, new product will be introduced at the EUROMAR conference in Warsaw, Poland, in July, 2017.

Mr. Santi Dominguez, CEO of Mestrelab stated: "We are very excited by this joint project to bring a fully automated qNMR solution to the market. Our business philosophy is to work with all instrumentation vendors in NMR to provide advanced software solutions which enhance the usability and adoption of NMR as a mainstream analysis technique. qNMR is an ideal example of a business-critical application in which the close integration of hardware and software systems can make the technique available to a community of users who have, to date, not been able to access NMR due to its perceived complexity. JEOL is a major NMR instrument manufacturer and we value the opportunity to approach this market with a strong, committed partner with strategic objectives similar to ours. We look forward to a long term scientific, development and commercial collaboration and to popularizing NMR as a technical solution to routine industrial problems."

Mr. Anai, President & Representative Director of JEOL RESONANCE said JEOL has been advancing the promotion of qNMR through collaborative research with private-sector and publically-funded institutions, and also working on standardization of qNMR analysis methods.

We expect the fully-automated qNMR system that we plan to develop in partnership with Mestrelab will be a powerful analytical tool for many researchers and analysts in various fields such as pharmaceutical, food and chemical.


JEOL Ltd. is a world leader in electron optical equipment and instrumentation for high-end scientific and industrial research and development. Core product groups include electron microscope s (SEMs and TEMs), instruments for the semiconductor industry (electron beam lithography and a series of defect review and inspection tools), and analytical instruments including mass spectrometers, NMRs and ESRs.


JEOL Resonance, Inc. was formed from the NMR Division of JEOL Ltd. in 2011. The company's mission is to develop new technologies, high end products, and new applications.

Mestrelab Research S.L.

Mestrelab Research S.L. is a leading software developer, based in Spain and founded in 2004 as a spin-off of the University of Santiago de Compostela. The company's mission is to develop software solutions which become the universal processing and analysis interface between analytical instrumentation and chemists. 

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